Role of Digital Marketing in the Rise of Vaping

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Role Of Digital Marketing In The Rise Of Vaping

Vaping has gained major traction in recent years, especially in the US. Large number of vape stores and brands are popping up, and you have to walk down the street to get sniff of sweet smelling vapor from passerby’s device. Now, it is astonishing to think that just ten years ago, it would be rare… Read More »

How Content Data Visualization Helps Increase Leads?

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Data Visualization

A picture is worth 1000 words and it’s science. Our brains are essentially giant image processors- studies show that 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. You can use the visual power to solve one of the biggest issues that occur in growth-driven organizations today-misalignment between marketing and sales. Now, the… Read More »

How To Boost Sales By Selling To Existing Customers?

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How To Boost Sales By Selling To Existing Customers?

Struggling with low sales even though you have already got a nice traffic flow? There are two reasons- your traffic isn’t qualified and your user experience flow doesn’t convert potential customers into real buying. In this blog, we will solve the challenge on how to increase e-commerce sales, by discussing these strategies and e-commerce development…. Read More »

8 Tips To Add Personality To Your Content

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8 Tips To Add Personality To Your Content

There are indeed over 2 million blog posts written each day. So how do you engage readers in this era of short attention span and information overload? The only way of doing this is by creating unique content. But as the clients always ask, is any content unique in today’s time?Of course, most topics under… Read More »

Can You Promote Vape On Instagram?

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Vape On Instagram

The internet has developed a lot since it was invented. It is seen as a hub of communication for the modern society, especially in the vape community. Many websites have taken their products and services online to try and reach a wide market. A business without a website cannot be taken seriously. Websites are more… Read More »

Why COVID-19 Made Digital Marketing So Important?

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Why COVID-19 Made Digital Marketing So Important

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has created a landscape that no one could have predicted. Local businesses of all kinds had to adapt, embrace new practices, and change the techniques to retain customers and continue thriving. With most people throughout the globe spending all of their time at home for the first half of… Read More »

The Best Video Marketing Practices In 2021

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Video Marketing Practices in 2021

Digital marketing has evolved into a fire-breathing dragon over some years, and each business wishes to gain from it. If you are here, it is because of the importance of video marketing. Brands no longer get by using content and images- interactive 360 videos, augmented reality, and more. What To Know About Video Marketing? From… Read More »

How To Drive CBD Sales With Content Marketing?

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CBD Content Marketing

The cannabis industry is growing, and its growth potential rises higher than a kite. But with the success of the CBD industry means greater competition for cannabis brands, producers, etc. So, how do you grow the CBD brand, drive sales as well as turn a profit? The good news is that keeping yourself apart from… Read More »

5 Best Web Development Trends That Will Dominate 2021

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Web Development Trends

Web development trends keep on changing to a greater extent every year. For decision-makers, it is necessary to be familiar with web development for two reasons. One, to survive the ongoing competition, and two, for sharpening knowledge. However, to save your time and provide a concentrated piece of information about web development technologies and trends… Read More »