Top 5 Twitter Metrics And How To Measure Them

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Twitter Metrics

With more than 15 years of history as a micro-blogging platform, Twitter is now one of the most popular social media advertising platforms. The reason Twitter should be a part of a vape business’ marketing strategy is that it serves multiple purposes: in addition to allowing you to share news and connect with your audience,… Read More »

CBD Ads on Google & Social Media Platforms: Things to Know

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CBD Ads on Google & Social Media

In an ideal world, most online advertising campaigns of CBD brands would use a balanced mix of paid social, paid search and programmatic ads to attain their campaign goals. Unfortunately, in the real world, brands are not able to rely on anything except programmatic ads. However, CBD brands still need to create ads for CBD… Read More »

Top Web Development Trends To Expect 2022

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Web development

In 2002, Stuart Morris created, the world’s first single-page web application. This led to web development trends and frameworks such as Angular, Node, React, etc. Every day, new trends and technologies are introduced to make websites more dynamic, interactive, and fast. In light of this, we can see why developers should stay on top… Read More »

How Can You Improve Your Vape SEO Strategy?

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Vape Seo Strategy - blog

Best vape SEO tactics are essential for increasing your vape store’s online visibility and overall sales. Keep track of your consumers’ personalities and purchasing behaviors on a frequent basis. You’ll need to figure out where individuals are regularly departing your platform, so you can alter it to meet the client’s expectations. There are various things… Read More »

9 Amazing Digital Marketing Trends From 2021

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is a trend. Businesses and brands are making digital marketing their marketing strategy. Traditional marketing strategies no longer dominate the market for successful marketing options. A digital marketing service agency job is to launch their client’s brand to success by propelling it to the skies. Let’s check out the digital marketing trends we… Read More »

8 Clever CBD Marketing Strategies For Holidays 2021

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CBD Marketing Strategies For The Holidays

Is your business implementing a holiday marketing strategy? If you do not have a plan yet, now is the time to develop one and look for holiday marketing ideas. You can increase sales and revenue this holiday season by taking a proactive approach to CBD marketing for the holidays. 1.Offer The Best Customer Experience Holidays… Read More »

6 Advertising Challenges Vape Brands Can Face In 2022

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Vape Brands

The majority of searchers don’t have a fixed opinion on a brand before they start their search? Online advertising is so competitive because of this reason. One of the challenges that brands face when doing online advertising is the ever-increasing level of competition (and we will discuss this more below). In spite of this, advertising… Read More »

Data Driven Personalization- What’s It & Why Use It For Your Hemp Business?

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Data Driven Personalization

Marketing departments continue to benefit from data-driven personalization. Take a look at what it is and why you need it for your 2022 hemp marketing plan. What Is Data-Driven Personalization? When you know enough about someone, you can deliver the right content at the right time using data-driven personalization. Personalization is about delivering value to… Read More »

9 Black Friday Hemp Marketing Strategies That Work Like A Charm

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black friday hemp marketing

The National Retail Federation reported that holiday spending in the US alone exceeded $789 billion last November and December. It’s only expected to get busier this year. In response to a global outbreak, Black Friday shoppers now queue in virtual stores instead of physical ones. Any hemp business of any size will see a spike… Read More »