A Year of CBD Digital Marketing in Review- Changing Trends

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In the following post, we’ll examine which cannabis and CBD industry brands are running display ads in 2021 as we discuss the statistics we uncovered. Additionally, we’ll see how brands are positioning themselves in the world of hemp digital marketing, what visual and textual elements are most prevalent, what offers are being made to entice… Read More »

Initiating a CBD Startup? Here is Your Instruction Manual

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Several misconceptions surround a CBD business when it comes to starting anew. Since the industry has come forward in the past few years, many entrepreneurs have been drawn into it. But few understand the recent legal obligations, the different rules and regulations surrounding CBD brands. Today, we will take you into the depths of this… Read More »

What impact did COVID-19 have on Digital Marketing?

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COVID-19 impact Digital Marketing

During global pandemic, digital marketing agency Los Angeles transformed. In fact, it became a solution for necessities and recreation among people confined to their homes. The COVID-19 situation has proven to be a total disaster for many businesses, but hundreds of others have taken the consequences in stride. Before the pandemic hit, industries already had… Read More »