Professional Experience: 2 – 4 yrs.
Location: Kolkata
Roles and Responsibilities
>Excellent knowledge of WooCommerce and WordPress. >Good understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax. >Programming, developing coding websites and mobile apps using WooCommerce and Wordpress. >Experience with responsive design without dependence on frameworks. >Experience with creating custom themes for use with WooCommerce and WordPress. >Must have experience in creating a multilingual site on WordPress. >Proficient understanding of how to set up a new theme. >Capability to add and use your own custom post type. >Hands-on experience in creating plugins that should also use the hooks in WordPress. >Should have hands-on integration experience with one or more third party services like payment gateways, live chat, Google APIs, Etsy, Shopify, Zoho leads, Mailchimp etc. >Experience in any of these will be a plus Laravel.
Job requirements:
>Assisting senior software engineer in developing software >Preparing detailed reports for documentation >Assisting in formulating the plan and schedule for programming >Developing programming skills >Excellent observation and grasping skills >The desire to learn new things about software programming >Updating knowledge about software programming >Ability to work as a team and make useful contributions >Ability to work under the stress of meeting deadlines
Desired Candidate Profile
>Master’s degree in computer science or information technology is required for the job >B.Techin ECE, Computer Science, IT

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