Approval Guide For Your CBD Ads On Facebook In 2022

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Getting approval for your CBD ads on Facebook is possible in 2022. However, it is not easy, and nobody can guarantee successful approval. Facebook rejects most ad campaigns that fail to comply with its policies. But it also approves those that don’t. How the platform functions with automation is confusing. You may be wondering about Instagram…. Read More »

Is Advertising CBD on Facebook Possible?

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advertising CBD on Facebook

You can advertise CBD and hemp products on Facebook if you delete all explicit references to CBD, hemp, or cannabis from your content. Although Facebook does not expressly forbid hemp or CBD in its advertising standards, if you’ve ever tried to run an ad yourself, you know how challenging it can be to be authorized…. Read More »

CBD Ads on Google & Social Media Platforms: Things to Know

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CBD Ads on Google & Social Media

In an ideal world, most online advertising campaigns of CBD brands would use a balanced mix of paid social, paid search and programmatic ads to attain their campaign goals. Unfortunately, in the real world, brands are not able to rely on anything except programmatic ads. However, CBD brands still need to create ads for CBD… Read More »

8 Clever CBD Marketing Strategies For Holidays In 2022

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CBD Marketing Strategies For The Holidays

Is your business implementing a holiday marketing strategy? If you do not have a plan yet, now is the time to develop one and look for holiday marketing ideas. You can increase sales and revenue this holiday season by taking a proactive approach to CBD marketing for the holidays. 1.Offer The Best Customer Experience Holidays… Read More »

Data Driven Personalization- What’s It & Why Use It For Your Hemp Business?

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Data Driven Personalization

Marketing departments continue to benefit from data-driven personalization. Take a look at what it is and why you need it for your 2022 hemp marketing plan. What Is Data-Driven Personalization? When you know enough about someone, you can deliver the right content at the right time using data-driven personalization. Personalization is about delivering value to… Read More »

9 Black Friday Hemp Marketing Strategies That Work Like A Charm

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black friday hemp marketing

The National Retail Federation reported that holiday spending in the US alone exceeded $789 billion last November and December. It’s only expected to get busier this year. In response to a global outbreak, Black Friday shoppers now queue in virtual stores instead of physical ones. Any hemp business of any size will see a spike… Read More »