Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Uses To Target Youth

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4 Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Uses To Target Youth

Marketing Tactics E-Cigarette Ad Campaign Use To Target Youth. From diverse flavors to famous social media influencers, promoting vape, e-cig ads have done everything legally possible to target youth. Various federal restrictions are in place to prevent the traditional advertising of e-cigarettes and related products. Some laws prohibit using mascots on product labels, so avoid… Read More »

What are the Social Media Limitations for Vape and CBD Marketing?

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Social media restrictions for cbd and vape marketing

Marketing niche industries has never been easy; to top it, like vape and CBD marketing face constant scrutiny and criticism. It is not easy to promote them through word of mouth, let alone through social media.   Both industries have become mainstream. But networking giants Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter prohibit their promotion.   The… Read More »

Changing Trends In A Year of CBD Digital Marketing- Current Review

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In the following post, we’ll examine which cannabis and CBD industry brands are running display ads in 2021 as we discuss the statistics we uncovered. Additionally, we’ll see how brands are positioning themselves in the world of hemp digital marketing, what visual and textual elements are most prevalent, what offers are being made to entice… Read More »

Why Most Vape Ecommerce Startups Fail?

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Vape Ecommerce - blog

Did you know 22% of ecommerce businesses fail within their first year? When 18% of retail sales take place online, how is this possible? In this article, we’ll explain why vape businesses fail and how you can avoid becoming a statistic. It is believed that lack of innovation is a major factor in determining startup… Read More »

Usage of Information Technology Transformation Strategy

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What comes to your mind when you hear the term, ‘Information Technology’? You must have heard of the term ‘bug’ when some errors in a program occur. However, Information Technology is much beyond the programming flaws that do not let you accomplish the desired results. IT or Information Technology has become a key factor to… Read More »

Tips To Choose The Right iOS App Development Company

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iOS App Development Company

The numbers of mobile users have shown a tremendous growth rate in the past few years. The growing technology and the hectic schedule of tech-savvies have compelled them to check application on smart phones more rather than laptops, desktops or PCs. Besides BB, Windows and Android, iOS has created its own loyal user-base and have… Read More »

MVC Framework Overview

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In the past few years, there has been a significant change in the domain of web development. Nowadays, deployment of a web project is much beyond uploading static CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files to an HTTP server. JavaScript single-handedly cannot be used to provide a stable foundation for complex and large scale web applications. Maintainable… Read More »