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About Clenlidirect

Clenli Direct founded in 1993 is one of the reputed cleaning equipment selling companies in Ireland. The goal of Clenli Direct is goal is to offer you the best cleaning solution for your particular needs, requirements, and environment. They are exclusive distributors for several manufacturers such as Comac, Tornado, PACVAC, iMop & Victor.


Clenli Direct approached us six months back. They only had a website on WooCommerce from which was not generating enough business for them as well as creating certain issues. Thus, our primary objective was to develop a scalable website for them and promote it to generate business.

Development Objective

The client asked to incorporate the Realex payment gateway which is one of the most used gateways in Ireland. Several products are there on the website which are high-priced. Thus, for those products, the developers planned to set up another module.
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Digital Marketing Objective

Coming to digital marketing, the primary objective was to create awareness about the products in the common people. Clenli Direct has certain big products that are only needed by big cleaning houses and corporations. Therefore, another objective was to target two different segments of the audience.

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While migrating a website from one platform to another, challenges come. During the project development phase, our developers also faced challenges. So, as our digital marketers.

Displaying product prices and quotation button on the same page was another challenge for the developers. The Realex payment gateway for which the client has asked for had full of bugs. The debugging process was also very challenging.

On the digital marketing side, the biggest challenge was to create awareness among the people regarding Clenli Direct. Further, the product categories demanded to target two different types of the audience at once.

Service provided

As the challenges were big, so the services need to be apt to solve the problems. Here is the list of the different services that TechiEvolve provided to Clenli Direct.

Development Services

To meet the client’s need, TechiEvolve offers different services for both development and digital marketing. Here is the list of services provided.

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Realex payment gateway had some bug, which our developers solved and incorporated it for a safe payment mode.

The developers prepare custom contact form which will directly be submitted to the admin. Further, they developed a different request for a quote section for the high-priced products.

A Daily backup of the website is taken to tackle any emergency

Traffic and server management during heavy traffic

Digital Marketing Services

Optimizing site content and SEO for driving traffic to the website

Ranking Trend – Screenshot:

clenli ranking trend

Traffic Trend – Screenshot:


Proper SMO techniques to popularize Clenli Direct

Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers

Further to generate leads, we run a search campaign and product listing campaign on google for Clenli Direct.

Conversion Trend – Screenshot:


Targeting two different segments of customers through the paid campaign. One is for the people who will buy small products and another is for the big products which will be needed by the big companies.

Continuously monitoring the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) as we believe that driving the traffic is not all. It is the conversion of that traffic that generates business.

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