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CA Heart Specialists

CA Heart Specialists

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CAHEARTSPECIALISTS.COM, under the expert guidance of Dr. Majed Chane, is providing ultimate care to the residents of Southern California. Founded in the year 2016, this specialty clinic has a panel of Board-certified physicians in Cardiovascular Medicine.

The highly experienced physicians treat the people with utmost compassion and attention. Dr. Majed Chan is a specialist in interventional cardiology and has been serving successfully patients in Huffington Beach, CA. He communicates with his patients in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Spanish. He offers services that include cholesterol checkups, echocardiograms, cardiology consultations, pacemaker implants, and cardiovascular screenings.

CA Heart Specialists provide outstanding online testing like ultrasound of legs, heart, neck, arms, nuclear imaging and stress testing, ECP (external counter pulsation therapy), vein ablation for varicosities, and heart rhythm monitoring. They offer convenient and affordable health packages to their patients. Their no-drug, holistic approach like ECP and BEMER stimulates blood circulation, improved energy, and increased blood flow to the heart.

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