About CCS Cleaning

CCS Cleaning is one of the most reputed cleaning companies all over Europe. The business is more than 60 years old. CCS cleaning provides professional commercial service across 8 different countries all over Europe. They have over 600 clients and 3000 strong employee bases. This ISO OHSAS 18001, 14001 and 9001 accredited company promotes green cleaning.


Over 3years CCS cleaning approached us for comprehensive digital support. Our primary objective was to establish CCS cleaning a commercial cleaning brand. Further to design a website that will showcase the achievements and reputation of CCS cleaning brand.

Development Objective

The primary development objective was to develop a website with the multilingual feature. CCS provides cleaning in 8 different countries. Thus, the website must feature the translating function. Checkout Services Offered & Video

Digital Marketing Objective

The prime digital marketing objective was to establish CCS Cleaning as one of the prominent brands in the field of cleaning. It is the third generation of the Cullen family who is now heading the business. Thus, the objective was to promote the brand in all over Europe as a green cleaning company for commercial spaces. Checkout Services Offered & Screenshots


Challenges are part of every profession. However, we believe that harder the challenge is, the best we offer. Here are the basic challenges that we faced during the project. In the development phase, the primary challenge was to build a website with a multilingual function. CCS provides services in 8 different countries within Europe. Thus, making a multilingual website was a challenge. As the company has a presence in different countries, so it needs to be multisite. On the digital marketing side, several challenges are there. The biggest challenge was to implement a multilingual SEO for the website. Further, it is an old company so, reputation management was also a factor. Finally, promoting the CCS business as a green cleaning business which is very important in the modern-day scenario.

Service Provided

To achieve the objectives and overcome the challenges, certain services are provided to CCS Cleaning. Here is the list of services that TechiEvolve provides.

Development Services

Complete Website Walkthrough Video Implemented multisite feature for different countries Ajax filtering for all the different contents in the site SVG image in map section for locating the country-specific details Daily backup of the website to tackle any emergency Traffic and server management for handling heavy online traffic

Digital Marketing Services

Site optimization and SEO for driving traffic to the website Traffic Trend – Screenshot: ccs-traffic Keyword Ranking Trend – Screenshot: ccs-ranking-trend SMO campaigning for promoting the green cleaning Detailed SMO and SEO for making CCS cleaning as a Brand Run Google PPC (Paid campaign) campaign in different countries and locations to get the lead and convert them. Conversion Trend – Screenshot: ccs-conversion Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers We monitor the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) constantly as we believe that driving the traffic is not all. It is the conversion of that traffic that generates business.  

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