About UWell

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen UWell Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading vape companies currently in the market. They are keen to provide a better lifestyle for the customers, communities, and partners. The primary values of UWell include Integrity, Innovation, and Experience. Recently, UWell has approached us to take care of their Social Media presence.


The objective was to make an impeccable social media presence for UWell. Handling social media is not an easy task as it is connected directly with the customers. Therefore, we aimed at creating some mind-boggling graphics with catching contents that can resonate with the values of UWell.

Our next objective was to create sharable and engaging content. Handling social media is a combined effort where you need the skills of designers, video editors, content writers, and SMO executives.

Our Final objective was to gain more followers for UWell across the different social media platforms such as FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest.


Meeting the expectation level of the audience of a brand with more than 100thousand followers is none less than a challenge. However, TechiEvolve loves to overcome the challenges.

The primary challenge was to design innovative and attractive graphics (images, meme) to share across different platforms.

The challenge in front of the content developers was to create catchy and actionable content every time, which will pull the audience to take the desired action.

Finally, no social media is complete without proper keywords and hashtags. Our SMO specialists faced some initial challenges to figure out the right hashtags for each graphical post.


To meet the objectives, it was essential to overcome the challenges. Our experienced designers went deep to create some of the best graphical presentations. It includes product images, riddles, and more.

Our content team curated contents full of wit and humor, which serves its purpose well to attract and hook the audience to

the posts.

The SMO executives picked the right hashtags for each of the posts to reach a wide range of audiences. They also collaborated with some of the top vape influencers for doing the influencer’ marketing.

Finally, the cumulative effort increases the followers of the brand across different platforms along with the engagements.

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