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XLVAPE.COM is a dedicated distributing and manufacturing unit around the globe. Since its inception in the year 2013, they have dedicatedly worked toward crafting the world best, finest e-juice recipes for electronic vaping and cigarette devices. Their top quality has paved way for a strong and wide existing customer base. They specialize in offering the outstanding expertise and services to the customers.

XLVAPE possesses the formula for pure satisfaction. They use only the purest ingredients to craft the top quality e juice. All their e juices are manufactured in the Southern California factory, using the local ingredients, which are organic and natural. They strictly adhere to the CA state laws for manufacturing the products.

Their handcrafted, unique flavors provide the vapers with a subtle, complex, and enjoyable e-liquid. Some of its most popular e-juices comprise a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol that sets the right taste and a satisfying throat hit. The vapor produced is also of high density giving a completely enjoyable vaping experience. The brand is a favorite for vape enthusiasts for many years.

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