Whether you are a new business owner in the first stages of creation or need to re-invent your current business model, TechiEvolve is here to help.

Business Development and IT Consulting Services

TechiEvolve provides custom solutions for the implementation and formulation of business strategies. Our objective is to assist businesses in promoting and facilitating procurement, development, sales & marketing representation, using business expertise, utilizing our proven, unique methodologies to deliver timely, actionable, and efficient results to our clients, in the most cost-effective manner.
Apart from assisting clients in managing and creating strategic alliances and relationships with other organizations, we aid in day-to-day operations, website & technology development, writing & editing copy, potential customer development, and deal closing. Our client-base includes start-ups to multinational companies. We are experts in leveraging intellectual property, external expertise, and technology to expand our clients’ functionality and market reach.

Business Development

TechiEvolve works with the objective to assist businesses by facilitating and promoting development, sales & marketing representation, procurement, using online and offline marketing expertise through our highly experienced team of professionals.

A growing business needs objective-critical Content Management Solution or some other form of Enterprise Architecture. It also needs professional assistance to achieve scalable and sustainable development. With our established processed and systems, we use the latest technological innovations to keep you abreast of competitors and making you stand out among them.
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Business Transformation

TechiEvolve helps customers align business activities to strike a balance between the short term and the long term goals. We use external benchmark and deploy the best practices, to accelerate the growth of our clients’ business and increase the effectiveness. Our systematic efforts lead to sustainable output. Our Business Transformation Services improves your effectiveness and efficiency, increasing your revenues, and cutting the costs.
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Information Technology Transformation

TechiEvolve creates Information Technology strategy and agenda to help your business get a strong position. Our skilled implementers and highly experienced strategists develop a pragmatic approach to effectively implement the solution. We address all kinds of IT change, starting from opportunity assessment to strategy, planning & development till implementation.
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