Dedicated Linux & Cloud Based Web Hosting Services

TechiEvolve helps to take your dreams to the Cloud. Since our foundation, we have built a strong client-base through our hosting and support services. Be it for Joomla, WordPress, Bloggers or any other niche, we provide the top quality services to our customers. We go out of the way to offer everything you require to meet your desired online goals.

Some of our Web Hosting features:
  • 1-Click installer (for web apps like Joomla, WordPress, Blogger, and more)
  • Hand-rolled control panel
  • SSL certificates
  • SSDs (Solid State Drives)
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Automated malware scan

We offer a wide range of hosting services, including virtual private servers, dedicated, and semi-dedicated servers. Our control-panel integrated, 1-click installer helps you to set your own website in an instant, be it a gallery, a blog, an e-store or a community portal. With our web hosting services, there would be a better performance of your website and a significant improvement on your web presence.

Linux Based Shared and Dedicated Server

TechiEvolve’s Dedicated and Linux based shared servers are more than a mere server. If you want to start a forum, create a Linux-hosted blog, upload your photo gallery, use a wiki, CMS, or sell from your online E-commerce store; everything can be done easily and quickly through TechiEvolve.

We have a fully managed solution, specifically designed to take your brand to the next level. As an additional bonus, with every dedicated server (having CentOS), we include cPanel for free. With 24 hours of purchase, your server will be secured, provisioned, and delivered.

With a dedicated server, you would be able to provide your websites with a higher level of speed, security, and uptime.

Features of Linux Dedicated Server

  • Secured Server with IPTables Firewall
  • cPanel with WHM Control Panel
  • MySQL, Apache Web Server, FFMpeg, Python, Ruby (on Rails), PHP Support
  • CentOS Linux with Full Root access (on request available 64-bit with 32-bit)

We provide our customers with a wide array of tools to take your business or idea online, with a completely-functional Linux website! From our site building templates and tools to the one-click application installer (for Joomla, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and other CMS systems) are actually at your fingertip.

We are proud of the hardware used for our dedicated servers, which are thoroughly tested and the latest. We have two hard disks for all our servers, to ensure that in case one hard disk breaks down completely, your data will still be intact.

Our dedicated servers include:
  • DDOS Protection
  • RAID-1 Configuration
  • 3 Dedicated IPv4 IPs
  • Completely Redundant Network
  • Complete Root Access
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 24/7 Live Support

We are the top in web hosting performance!

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Cloud Hosting

TechiEvolve brings you exceptional performance, with faster loading time, which helps you stand out. We have scalable web hosting solutions, which help businesses across the globe turn ideas into powerful applications and brands.

Our Cloud Hosting offers the ultimate way for building, testing, and deploying. Our versatile system provides support for Linux, Windows, FREEBSD servers, with options that work efficiently for any organization. Whether you are building a networking server of thousands or just one, our streamlined, customized systems ensure that you get the industry-best services.

Our feature-rich managed web hosting includes:
  • Managed Security
  • Intuitive Cloud Console
  • Renowned Infrastructure
  • Managed Backups
  • Technical Convenience
  • Featured Teamwork

Our Cloud Hosting Solutions come with custom designed to meet your specific organizational needs. Our user-friendly, self-service portal allows you to manage and view your virtual machines through mobile applications (Android/iOS) or a web browser.

With our every Cloud Hosting Server, you get fast SSD hard disks, powerful CPU cores, generous bandwidth, and extensive RAM.

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Domain Registration, Renewal & Transfer

TechiEvolve leads in the domain provider industry, with its excellent features of secure domain registration, transfer, and renewal, bundled with superior customer support. We understand your business needs and help you grab a new domain that works perfectly for your products, securing and strengthening your online presence. Our secure domain services also give you a full advantage to move your domain from the existing one. We also help you to renew your existing domain and keep your website available and online to all your audience.

In order to organize your website’s content and make your website stronger, we have sub-domain feature, as extensions of your current website. Our exclusive Domain Transfer Lock prevents unauthorized domain transfer and lets you perform account consolidation, legal name change, transfer between network accounts, and so on.

Domain registration is just the onset of the journey. We help you create a complete and strong web presence.

Benefits of domain registration at TechiEvolve
  • We give you a client interface that has full functionality to renew domain, order new domain, transfer domain, and many more
  • As owner of your domain, you would have total control over the contacts and the overall domain, regarding modification of any details
  • A reminder before expiry of your domain, so that you get ample time to renew it

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