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Web hosting

To avail our web hosting services, clients need to have a separate contract. The client agrees to choose our web hosting services, which allow complete website accessibility. A substitute web hosting service also incurs additional charges for the consumer. To avail TechiEvolve Inc.’s web hosting services, the client needs to opt for a separate contract and we will be providing a list of web host providers.


The website/services/software provided by TechiEvolve will carry a warranty cover of 15 days from the date of delivery or/and the date of completion of work, whichever comes first.


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If the contact/application/project involves use/integration of any third party application, product, API, and so on, then TechiEvolve does not hold any liability for any loss or damage whether consequential/direct/incidental arising out of performance/non-performance of the same

We are not responsible for any activity done by the company, beyond the project/order/contract amount or the value obtained by it. Under no circumstances, the company shall refund the advance amount obtained by it.