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CEMTEK is an industry leader in manufacturing parts for continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and Data Acquisition Handling System (DAHS). They provide support for compliance and non-compliance applications. The integrated CEMS and DAHS services help their clients to get their needs under a single roof. The company has approached us for developing an eCommerce website, which will improve their customers’ experience.


The objective was simply to develop an e-commerce website to multi-dimensional functionalities to provide the customers of CEMTEK a quick and easy buying experience. The customers of the CEMTEK are business owners, so it was crucial to saving the time of buying as much as possible. For the eCommerce development, it was planned to use the Magento as a CMS platform.


The primary challenge was to accommodate thousands of components according to their categories. Further, each of the components has several parts, which can be also classified into consumable and non-consumable categories.
Further, to reduce the time for buying something needed to be done. It was time taking to select products one by one from different categories.


To overcome the challenges of eCommerce, Magento was used. Magento comes with several integrated features that make the backend operation smooth. A component-wise listing for the parts was done to help the customers to find the products quickly.

Further, to reduce the time for buying, it was planned to integrate a bulk product selection and add to cart option. It was a new idea to implement in e-commerce. To make the user experience smoother, all the bulk buying was stored in the “My Parts” section. When the customer returns, they do not need to search the things again all over. With a single click, they can place a reorder.

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