Do you know cumulatively more than 5.2 million of apps are there in App store and Google play store?

Don’t you like to feature your own app on Appstore and Google play store and become the part of this growing business community? Don’t you like to have an app development for vape shops of your own? Desktops are already outstripped by Mobile phones, Tabs and iPads. Take a look at your web traffic and you can see by yourself that how many people are visiting your site using desktops in compare to the different mobile devices and the need of having best vape store app for your business.

Mobile applications are the best way to give your customers a tangible feel of your business. You can see the way Instagram, Snapchat, Alibaba and Walmart have entered our bedrooms. With a great mobile application, especially a vape mobile app you can directly reach to a large audience within no time.

Key Elements of Mobile App DEVELOPMENT

We create a perfect UI along with apposite functionalities and great connectivity that makes the mobile application a perfect companion of your customers. Look at the key components of a mobile app.

An astonishing UIMobile App Development

An astonishing UI can hook your customer to your application. The more your customer spends time the chance of conversion increases.

Strong Security features Mobile App Development

A perfect mobile application must adhere to all the security policies as it has access to all the details of the client’ mobile. A single vulnerability can be a costly mistake.

Social Media IntegrationMobile App Development

A single tap login with the help of social media makes the app easier to access for the users. It also helps in making the operation faster.

Vape Marketing Best Strategy

Push Notification Mobile App Development

Push notifications bridge the gap between the customer’ need and your supply. It also works as a Call-To-Action button which drives the customers to make a purchase.

Wishlist functionalityMobile App Development

Often it has been seen that people want to buy some product but cannot make an instant purchase. A Wishlist helps to cater to this need.

Launch TimeMobile App Development

An app must not take long to launch. It must launch within 3seconds of tapping. The longer it will take, the chance bounce rate increases.


Do you want to get more out of your website? Take a look at some of our previously crafted UX and conversion-oriented websites to get an idea on how we can help you.

Why select Techievolve as Mobile App developing Partner?

The temptation of having a vape mobile app is irresistible but selecting the right partner is important. The number of active users make sure of the success of a mobile app. When it comes to app development for vape shops, it needs more precision and dedication.
We ensure our clients of having a great mobile app that will work as a 24×7 salesman for his business. Here are some core qualities that make us different from others.
• A team of expert Android and iOS developers
• Certified UX, UI designers
• Dedicated Developers for projects
• Topnotch quality App design
• Implementing Security Features

A proper mobile application opens an ocean of opportunities for a business. In case you are a vape shop owner, we ensure you of having the best vape store app featured on the play store and Appstore. However, the question remains that are you ready to adopt the new technology? If you are ready with an idea, come and share it with us.

core skills

UI (95%)

Android (85%)

IOS (80%)

Windows (90%)

Hybrid (90%)

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