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Cool Confidence

About Cool Confidence

Cool Confidence is a medspa that provides therapies to the patients who want to lose weight quickly through a non-invasive way. The client approached us to build a workable website and run an ROI based digital marketing campaign.


After getting the project in hand, the primary objective was to build a workable, SEO friendly website that will help in promoting the client’s business. Here the objectives in detail.

Development objective

The development objective was simple to develop an eye-catching website that will attract the visitors to the website and hook them up to the site. Further, create a short contact form to generate leads.
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Digital Marketing objective

In the digital marketing part, the objective was simple and clear. Promoting the website, promoting the business as a local business and to generate lead.
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On the development part, there were certain challenges. However, as recommended by the client, a paid theme is used as the template of the website. Integrating different functions on a paid them was quite a challenge. Our developers were keener to shorten the load time of the website as it utilizes videos.

However, on the digital marketing side, the primary challenge was to establish the business as a brand. Coolsculpting was a new concept and to make people understand the benefit of it was a challenge.

Several established med spas are already there in NYC. Therefore, competing with the existing businesses and to establish Cool Confidence was a challenge. Further, to get leads for the business was surely a challenge.

Finally, creating and managing the online reputation of the business was another vital challenge for our digital marketers.

Service Provided

To meet and overcome the challenges, the TechiEvolve team provided certain services. Here are the services.

Development Service

Integrating functions was a challenge and for that our developers did certain custom codes. The codes on the site run successfully and ensure a smooth operation.

Special landing page for the PPC campaign

Daily backup of the website to tackle any emergency

Traffic and server management for handling heavy online traffic

Digital Marketing Services

On the digital marketing part, here is the list of provided services.

Site optimization and SEO for driving traffic to the website

Creating and Managing local GMB page to establish the business as a local business.

Extensive SMO campaigning on multiple platforms for Cool Confidence to establish it as a popular brand
Run Google PPC (Paid campaign) campaign to get the leads and convert them.

Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers

Continuously monitoring the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) as we believe that driving the traffic is not all. It is the conversion of that traffic that generates business.

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