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About Dollar-king

Dollar King is one of the top-rated eCommerce websites which serves the customers with the top-quality dollar items under $2. The company specializes in providing products for all customers need at a discounted rate. Dollar King is a single stop shop located in 11 different locations for anything you may need.


Dollar King is an established retail chain with having both an online and offline presence. Once they approached us, the primary objective of TechiEvolve was to build a perfect e-commerce site that can establish Dollar King as a brand besides helping them in generating sales and revenue.

Development Objective

To ensure a smooth run of the website, we planned to implement Magento 2 as a backend platform. The WooCommerce site had an XML file where all the data was stored. Our experienced developers put their best effort to transfer the data from that XML file to Magento 2. Ensuring a safe payment gateway was another objective of the development team.

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Digital Marketing Objective

Coming to digital marketing objectives, the primary task was to establish Dollar King as a brand. Further, to increase the sales figure for the online store and promote offline stores more. All the things available on the website are priced below $2, promoting the store to a specific target audience was another objective.

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Challenges not something new for the TechiEvolve developers and digital marketer. However, they have made a habit of overcoming any odds and challenges.

One of the biggest problems that developers faced is to migrate the huge data from WooCommerce to Magento. There was a database earlier which made the task more difficult. Further, the client has asked for customization in the backend. Integrating these on the same page was also a challenge for our developers.

On the digital marketing platform, the primary challenge was to increase the sales volume. Apart from that establishing the brand as a popular dollar store. The offline stores are operational in 11 different locations. Thus, store promotion in all the different locations together is another challenge that our digital marketers faced.

Service provided

With the new challenges, our developer and digital marketing team come with new solutions too. Here are the solutions to the challenges.

Development Services

The developers created a complete module to transfer all the data from the XML file to magento2. Further, they run another module that will auto-update any price change or category change.

The developers created a module through which the client can customize the memo, order sheet as per the requirements.

A Daily backup of the website is taken to tackle any emergency

Traffic and server management during heavy traffic

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Digital Marketing Services

To grow the sales volume several approaches are being taken.

Two types of SEO are done for the site such as Local SEO and normal SEO. Local SEO is done for promoting offline stores. A normal SEO campaign is done to attract the traffic towards the site and get rank for the relevant keywords.

Content marketing is done to promote the brand itself.

Run two types of Google ad campaigns. Displays campaigns for brand promotion and recognition. Search campaign for sales growth.

Both paid and nonpaid social promotions were carried out. Paid promotion is carried out for generating sales as well as promoting the brand. The non-paid social promotion is done to attract the traffic towards the site as well as for brand promotion.

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