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About Ecigara

Ecigara is one of the renowned and largest e-liquid and disposable device wholesalers in the US. With detailed knowledge about the growing needs of retailers and vapers, Ecigara offers a wide variety of products. It helps customers to move beyond tobacco-enriched nicotine vaping.
They approached us to improve their online presence. Besides, a smooth functional website provides the customers the best possible experience.


Ecigara is one of the premium e-juice wholesalers in the US. Based on their demand, our objective was to build an influential B2B connection through digital marketing and building a multifunctional website that can seamlessly cater to the need of the clients and customers. We separated the objectives into Development and Digital Marketing objectives.

Development Objective

While catering to the needs of Ecigara, our primary focus was on managing the inventory and enhancing the security features. Apart from wholesale, Ecigara runs a retail section too. Hence, combining both was another objective. Further, we focused on a fast check-out and a simplistic design. So, we planned to go with the Shopify platform to achieve the set objective.

Digital Marketing Objective

On the digital platform, our objective was simple and focused. We planned to target the different retail vape stores apart from reaching large numbers of customers for the retail section.


Like each new project, Ecigara comes with its own set of challenges on both the development and digital marketing section.

Development Challenges

While handling development, the primary challenge was to manage the large stock of Ecigara. Being a B2B service, smooth inventory control was a challenge. Further, the website deals with large numbers of transactions every day, which requires security for safe payments and transactions.
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Digital Marketing Challenges

On the digital marketing platform, the primary challenge was to find and target the retail vape merchants. Reaching out to the shops and stores looking for bulk orders was hard, as we are restricted from running the paid campaigns.
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Service Provided

To overcome the challenges and achieve the set objectives, we executed the following services.

Development Service

We used the Shopify platform to avoid the hassles, such as hiring a server, integrating payment gateway, and updated security features. One of the notable features that Shopify offers is the point-of-sale or POS option. With the Shopify Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader, you can process the transaction smoothly. No matter what client is using, such as PayPal, Stripe, or PayMill, Shopify can integrate with all.
Another benefit because we used Shopify for its mobile compatibility. Shopify allows the website to load super-fast.
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Finally, unlike Magento, there is no need to hire a separate server. Shopify comes with its server management. Hence, it gives the client more freedom to have control over the website.

Digital Marketing Service

For digital marketing, we optimize the website with the proper competitive keywords to get the ranks.
An extensive SMO campaign to reach a wide range of customers, including the retail vape merchants across the country.
Managing the online reputation over the various online platforms
Finally, monitoring the CRO (conversion rate optimization), as we believe that driving traffic to the site is irrelevant unless it converts.
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