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About Flowermate

Flowermate is a Chinese company with a strong market presence in the US. Flowermate is known for designing and developing quality dry herb vaporizers. Flowermate has a customer base around the world. Flowermate aims to be the top dry herb vaporizer seller across the globe.
Flowermate approached TechiEvolve for comprehensive digital marketing support along with website management.


When Flowermate approached us, our primary objective was to boost Flowermate as a premium dry herb vaporizer manufacturing company. As we are responsible for managing the website, we need to work on the website, especially on the payment gateway and landing pages.
On the digital marketing side, the primary objective was to promote Flowermate as a premium herb vaporizer company. We planned to drive quality traffic to the site to boost the sales figure.


Promoting dry herb vaporizers is a challenging task. Dry herbs need to face a series of ban and restrictions. Another challenge was to maintain the website functionalities. It has a payment gateway along with inventory maintenance.

Website Maintenance Challenges

The website was designed and developed by the company. Hence, maintaining the websites developed by others was a serious challenge. Managing the stocks of the different warehouses was also a challenge.

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Digital Marketing Challenge

Several restrictions and challenges are there on the dry herb and CBD businesses. Hence, promoting it online was a serious challenge. There is no option for paid promotion. Further, people have little idea about dry herb vaping. Hence, creating awareness about the benefits of the dry herb among the audience was another challenge.

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Services Offered

To overcome the challenges, at Techievolve we offered a plethora of solutions. Here are some highlights.
To overcome the website maintenance challenges, we installed a secured payment gateway that makes the checkout process fast and easy.

Digital Marketing Services

On the digital marketing side, we focused on building strong search engine optimization. After screening and doing the competitor’s analysis, we selected a range of keywords. We have properly optimized those keywords in the contents, meta title, and descriptions.
The primary target was to get the website on the first page of the search engine result. Our final objective was to drive quality traffic to the website and increase the conversion rate. You can check the screenshot of the results over here.

flowermate organic growth
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