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Green Herbal Care

Client Overview

Green Herbal Care is a prominent player in the CBD and hemp industry, offering a diverse range of infused products such as tinctures, gummies, flowers, and vape products. The company specializes in creating high-quality products with CBD, hemp, delta 9, delta 8, delta 10, THC, and THCA. Their commitment to excellence extends to both online and physical stores, making them a leading choice for wellness enthusiasts.

Client’s Challenge

Green Herbal Care approached TechiEvolve with the desire to enhance their digital presence, boost sales, and streamline their website’s functionality. They sought to leverage various marketing strategies and undergo website migrations to achieve these objectives.

TechiEvolve’s Solution

Marketing Strategy Implementation

Website Migration and SEO: TechiEvolve executed a seamless migration of Green Herbal Care’s website from WordPress to Magento, followed by a transition to Shopify. Throughout the migrations, careful SEO planning ensured that the website maintained its ranking, resulting in uninterrupted online visibility.

Performance Improvement: By deploying a comprehensive suite of marketing strategies including SEO, local SEO, content marketing, Facebook ads, and email marketing, TechiEvolve drove significant traffic to the website. This translated into a fourfold increase in the number of orders from 90 to over 360 per month.

Revenue Growth: The collaborative effort between Green Herbal Care and TechiEvolve yielded remarkable results, with monthly sales soaring from $4,000-$6,000 to an impressive $25,000.

Local Store Optimization: TechiEvolve optimized Green Herbal Care’s local stores, resulting in a staggering 250% increase in footfall. This optimization played a pivotal role in enhancing the in-store customer experience.

Keyword Ranking Surge: The strategic implementation of SEO tactics caused the client’s keyword ranks to surge from 40-50 to an astonishing 7000+, reinforcing their online authority and visibility.

Increased Search Impressions: TechiEvolve’s efforts significantly amplified Green Herbal Care’s online presence, with search impressions skyrocketing from 200,000 per month to over 500,000 in August 2023.

Media Recognition: Through effective press outreach, Green Herbal Care gained mentions from prominent media houses, solidifying their brand’s reputation and credibility.

Automated Drip Campaign: The integration of an automated drip campaign led to an impressive improvement in the conversion rate, soaring from 0.8% to a remarkable 4%, thereby contributing to the client’s enhanced revenue generation.

Development Milestones

Website Upgrade: TechiEvolve successfully upgraded Green Herbal Care’s website from WordPress to Magento, bolstering its security and functionality.

Seamless Migration: Responding to the client’s request, TechiEvolve orchestrated a seamless migration of the website from Magento to Shopify, ensuring minimal disruptions and improved user experience.

Constant Enhancement: TechiEvolve’s dedicated team continued to manage and enhance the website with new functionalities such as store pickup and subscribe-and-save options, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Uninterrupted Operations: Throughout the journey Green Herbal Care’s website remained secure and experienced no downtime, demonstrating TechiEvolve’s commitment to maintaining a robust online presence.


Green Herbal Care’s partnership with TechiEvolve resulted in an impressive transformation, propelling them from modest sales and online visibility to becoming a thriving brand in the CBD and hemp industry. By strategically implementing marketing tactics, migrating the website seamlessly, and consistently improving functionality, TechiEvolve facilitated exponential growth in orders, revenue, and brand recognition for Green Herbal Care.


The collaboration between Green Herbal Care and TechiEvolve serves as a testament to the power of digital transformation. Through a holistic approach encompassing marketing and development, TechiEvolve not only elevated the client’s digital presence but also contributed significantly to their business growth and success in an increasingly competitive industry.

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