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About Mojipic

Mojipic is one of its kind voice-controlled emoji display for cars. The device comes with more than 1500 plus Emoji and Gifs. You can select any of the emojis as per your choice while driving. The device is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. One can control the app with Google Assistant and Siri Assistant. You can change the emoji without touching your phone through voice command directly.

Mojipic is relatively new in the market, and they wanted to expand their business. The company approached us to help Mojipic in establishing its business online through a multifunctional website and digital marketing.


The concept of the Mojipic device is relatively new on the road. Only a very few people know about the technology. Hence, our primary objective was to promote the device online. However, the next objective was to ensure a smooth selling multifunctional website.


Like every new project, Mojipic comes with its own set of challenges. The primary challenge in the case of Mojipic was to make people understand the need for having such a device. It was essential to making people understand the benefits of the device. It requires an intensive marketing campaign.

On the other hand, the website is an e-commerce website. Hence, you require to manage smooth inventory control. Further, the website has a payment feature through which a lot of transactions are done every day. So, it needs security for safe payments and transactions.
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At TechiEvolve, we took a 360-degree approach to overcome the challenges. We split the services into two categories, development and digital marketing.


Managing an eCommerce website comes with several challenges. Hence, to overcome the challenges regarding server management, payment gateway, and security, we decided to use the Shopify platform. Shopify allows the users to make a quick purchase with the help of the point-of-sale or POS option. Shopify Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader make the process swift and smooth.

Further, Shopify boasts more than 100 gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and PayMill.
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Digital Marketing Services

To promote the Mojipic device, we run an intensive SEO campaign. First, we optimize the website with the keywords to get the website on the result page for relevant search terms.

Manage the online reputation on the various online platforms
Finally, we monitor the CRO (conversion rate optimization), as we believe our work doesn’t end at driving traffic to the site is irrelevant unless it converts.

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