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About Native Wicks

Native Wicks is one of the reputed organic cotton manufacturers. They are known for presenting some of the best cotton for vaping purposes. The company was founded in 2008 and started providing service since 2013. Native Wicks uses organic farming methods in Northern Carolina to ensure a consistent and unadulterated vaping experience.


Native Wick has approached us nearly two years back. Their main demand was to establish them as one of the best cotton wick brands and to generate sales.

Development Objective

In the development section, managing the stock was a challenge. Further, securing the payments and stop hacking were other objectives of our developers. However, our primary objective was to build a website that will be scalable and secured.

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Digital marketing objective

Promoting the Native Wicks as a Brand was the primary objective of the digital marketing team. Thus, concentrated on researching the competitors, analyzing their approach and implementing our strategies were the objectives.

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When the project Native Wicks came, team TechiEvolve knew well that challenges will be there. However, the team was prepared to take the challenge. Here are the challenges that the TechiEvolve team has faced.

Native wicks have nominal products but the stock management was a challenge. Further, creating a top-class website along with interactive functionalities were another challenge. Further, another important issue is to secure the payment.

In the digital marketing field, the challenge was tough. Several vapers are completely unaware of the importance of cotton in vaping. Therefore, to make them understand the need for good cotton is very important.

Service provided

It is important to overcome the challenges and therefore, TechiEvolve provided some services to native wicks. Here are the services provided.

Development Service

Secured payment gateway

Primarily used Magento 2 platform for smooth backend operation

Daily backup of the website to tackle any emergency

Traffic and server management during heavy traffic

Complete Website Walkthrough Video

Digital Marketing Service

Site optimization and SEO for driving traffic to the website

Proper SMO techniques to popularize Native Wicks as a Brand

Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers

Content Marketing to increase awareness among the vapers regarding the use of organic cotton. By posting content related to cotton, TechiEvolve tried to let the vapers know about the importance of cotton.

Continuously monitoring the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) as we believe that driving the traffic is not all. It is the conversion of that traffic that generates business.

Regular blog update for attracting the organic traffic.

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