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About SaltNic

SaltNic is a reputed vape retail service that only sells saltnic products. Thus, saltnic has a separate and typical customer base which is different from all the general vapers. SaltNic offers several types of saltnic e-liquids and pod devices.


SaltNic is different from the other retail companies as it sells only saltnic products. The primary objective was to build a website that will not only attract the customers but also help the customers in quick checkout.

Development objective

During the development, the main objective was to integrate a payment gateway to secure the payments. Further, developing a user-friendly website was another objective. Finally, it is known that huge traffic will hit the site once it would be live so our objective was to use improved Servers to manage the traffic properly.

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Digital Marketing objective

SaltNic sells only saltnic products which are high in nicotine. Thus, the primary object of the digital marketing campaign was to target the people who are smokers, who want to quit smoking or who are new to vaping.

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Challenges are part of digital solutions. Several challenges came during the development and digital marketing campaign of SaltNic.

The primary challenge during the development phase was managing the stocks. SaltNic has various categories, so managing each product in a different category was a challenge. Further, securing the payment of the website was another change. The final challenge was managing traffic and server.

On the part of digital marketing, finding the specific audience for the SaltNic product was itself a challenge. There is no leverage of remarketing like the paid campaign, so each of the lead was valuable. Further, there were already established online retail stores and competing with them was not that easy.

Service provided

To overcome the challenges and meet the objective, here are the service that we offer SaltNic.

Development Services

Secured payment gateway

Primarily used Magento 2 platform for smooth backend operation

Age Checker a third-party software for age verification as people aged less than 21years are prohibited to buy vape products

Daily backup of the website to tackle any emergency

AWS cloud server for traffic management

Complete Website Walkthrough Video

Digital Marketing Services

Site optimization and SEO for driving traffic to the website

Target specific SMO campaigning for targeting smokers, who want to quit smoking and new vapers.

Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers

We kept an eye on the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) as we believe that driving the traffic is not all. It is the conversion of that traffic which results in generating business.

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