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Samaritana Medical Clinic

Client Overview

Samaritana Medical Clinic is a trusted healthcare provider in Los Angeles, dedicated to improving the well-being of their patients. With a team of experienced medical professionals, they offer comprehensive services and personalized care across eight different locations.

Marketing Strategy Implementation

Local Visibility Boost:
Enhancing GMB Profiles: SamaritanaClinics approached TechiEvolve with the goal of increasing the local visibility of their Google My Business (GMB) profiles across all eight locations. We undertook a comprehensive approach to optimize each profile individually.

Impressive Interactions: Through our efforts, SamaritanaClinics experienced a remarkable increase in interactions on their GMB profiles. This included 2000+ interactions each month, encompassing calls, requests for directions, and website clicks. The substantial volume of 1000+ monthly calls directly translated into potential patient inquiries.

Development Milestones

Optimizing Patient Experience

Website Redesign: TechiEvolve embarked on a website redesign for SamaritanaClinics, revamping the overall look and feel to ensure it aligned with their commitment to personalized care and comprehensive services.

Streamlined Appointment Booking: To enhance patient experience, we implemented a user-friendly appointment booking system integrated with information about the clinic’s doctors. This feature made it easier for patients to schedule appointments with their preferred healthcare providers.

WordPress Expertise: The website was developed on the WordPress platform, which allowed for flexibility, scalability, and ease of content management.


SamaritanaClinics’ collaboration with TechiEvolve resulted in significant improvements both in terms of local visibility and patient experience. The optimized GMB profiles led to increased interactions, including calls and website clicks, demonstrating an enhanced online presence. The redesigned website and appointment booking system streamlined patient access to healthcare services.


SamaritanaClinics’ journey with TechiEvolve exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive digital solutions. By focusing on GMB optimization, website redesign, and appointment booking system implementation, we successfully elevated the clinic’s local visibility and patient engagement. The result is a robust online presence and a user-friendly platform that ensures patients can access the care they need conveniently and efficiently.

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