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Vape Menu

About Vape Menu

Vape menu is a digital menu card comprising several e-juices listed in it. It comes with more than 40000 flavors from 10000 different brands. It is a business with a B2B approach for the vape shops. They have approached us with a requirement of custom web application development.


When they have approached us for web application development, our primary objective was to develop a custom application that will have easy navigation and product details. We aimed to provide quality UX/UI design to give the web application the much-needed exposure in the market.


The primary challenge was to arrange more than 40000 products in proper categories. The next challenge to provide each shop with a customized option to select the type of products they want to display or the categories they want to add or delete. Further, maintaining the wish list of the separate customers in separate stores all in a single database was a tough job to accomplish.


TechiEvolve believes that the only challenge can excel the limit of delivery. The developer team has used rich features to give the menu a dynamic functionality. Further, our developers used complex codes to ensure a smooth operation. The developers also secured web applications using high-level coding structures.

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