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Shop Vaporium

Client Overview

ShopVaporium is a leading provider of disposable vape devices and a wide array of flavors through their online platform. Located in Vacaville, their commitment to customer convenience is exemplified by their curbside pickup facility, providing a seamless shopping experience for vape enthusiasts.

Marketing Strategy Implementation

SEO Transformation

Shopify SEO Revamp: TechiEvolve initiated the project by revamping ShopVaporium’s website on the Shopify platform, adhering to SEO best practices from the ground up. This transformation ensured that the website was not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines.

Impressive Traffic Surge: Within three months of our SEO-driven overhaul, ShopVaporium experienced a significant traffic boost, with a remarkable 150% increase. This traffic surge contributed to enhanced visibility and potential customer engagement.

Igniting Sales: ShopVaporium’s partnership with TechiEvolve marked a turning point. Initially, the website struggled to generate sales, but with our strategic marketing efforts, orders started flowing in, marking a notable shift in the business’s profitability.

Local SEO Domination: To cater to the client’s specific needs, TechiEvolve strategically focused on local SEO. The result was a prominent presence on the first page of search engine results for local keywords, ensuring ShopVaporium’s dominance in their target geographical area.

Development Milestones

Enhanced User Experience

Curbside Pickup Implementation: ShopVaporium’s commitment to convenience drove the requirement for a curbside pickup feature. TechiEvolve seamlessly integrated this functionality, allowing customers to enjoy the ease of curbside collection.

User-Friendly Makeover: The website underwent a transformation that not only enhanced aesthetics but also improved user experience. The updated design and user interface made it easier for customers to place orders.

Optimized Performance: TechiEvolve ensured that the website’s performance was top-notch. With faster loading times and improved responsiveness, customers experienced a smooth and efficient shopping process.


ShopVaporium’s collaboration with TechiEvolve brought about a notable transformation. Through strategic marketing initiatives and website enhancements, the business experienced a surge in traffic, a boost in sales, and a strengthened local presence. The integration of curbside pickup also contributed to customer satisfaction and convenience.


ShopVaporium’s journey with TechiEvolve demonstrates our dedication to delivering comprehensive digital solutions. By leveraging Shopify for website development, implementing SEO strategies, and focusing on local SEO, we successfully propelled ShopVaporium into a position of prominence in their niche. The result is a website that not only attracts more visitors but also converts them into loyal customers, making ShopVaporium a preferred destination for vape enthusiasts.

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