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Social Distancing Stickers

About Social Distancing Stickers

Social Distancing Stickers is an e-commerce company supplying a variety of items to maintain social distance. During the early phase of COVID-19, the company came up with the idea to help businesses running daily operations by maintaining proper social distance. They sell various social distancing stickers and physical barriers to companies for maintaining distance among the clients and employees.

The concept at the early COVID-19 was new. Hence, the company approached us to help them take the business on the web and market it.


The whole world was in turmoil, dilemma, and confusion when we got this project. Our primary objective was to build a quick multifunctional website for our client and their customers. Over the digital marketing platform, we aimed to reach the audience for the relevant keywords and boost the sales & revenue of the client.

Social Distancing Stickers is a B2B business, so the primary target was the shops, institutions, airports, and other commercial places that don’t have the leverage to work from home during the pandemic peak.


Every project comes with a set of challenges. However, this specific project comes in a challenging time too. The world suddenly went into an economic recession. Hence, the challenges were new and demanded a whole new approach to tackle them.

Development Challenges

Our primary task was to create a website as fast as possible. The company wants to reach the audience quickly. Further, the website needs to have proper inventory control management. Besides, we need to secure the payment gateways for safe payment and transactions.
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Digital Marketing Challenges

The biggest challenge was to convince the businesses regarding how the social distancing items can help run their business safely. Reaching out to the right commercial establishments was another challenge. Further, due to the economic recession, there was a strict budget for the project.

Service Provided

We offered the following services to overcome the challenge and achieve the set of objectives.

Development Services

We wanted to develop a website ready within a week. Hence, we choose the WooCommerce platform for development. It has module features that are extendable with plugins. With the monolithic applications, it is not possible, and also it would take a long to make the website functional. Further, Wood commerce comes with easy CMS that offers the freedom to the client. It comes with more than 100 secured payment gateways. Finally, WooCommerce comes at a lower price compared to the other platforms like Shopify.
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Digital Marketing Services

Our primary objective was to reach the target audience as quickly as possible. Hence, we have taken the following ways.
We optimized the website with a proper set of keywords to appear on the SERP for the relevant search terms.
We started a Google ads campaign to boost the business prospects. We created a few landing pages and tracked the analytics that how the campaign was going.

We also focused on promoting Social Distancing Stickers as a local business.

The following images and graphs are testimonies of our dedication and effort to make the business a success.

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