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Vape Menu

About Vape Menu

Vape menu is one of a kind of project which needs special attention. The client approached us with the demand for developing a website and a private mobile application. Vape menu is a digital menu developed for the vape devices only.


The primary objective of this project was to generate leads for the website. Further, to make the shop owners and wholesalers understand that they need the app. Here are the details.

Development objective

The development objective can be divided into two sections such as website building objective and application objective. It was planned to develop a simple website that will serve the purpose of SEO and online registering.

The objective behind developing the vape menu app was to improve the user experience of the customers who visit the different vape shops for buying products, mainly vape juices.
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Digital Marketing Objective

The primary digital marketing objective was to promote the vape menu as a brand. There are hardly any e-juice manufacturers or shop owners who have the idea of a digital vape menu card.
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At TechiEvolve we believe that new challenges help us to grow fast. When the Vape menu came to us, it also brought certain challenges for both our development and digital marketing team.

Vape Menu was a new type of project and brought lots of challenges, especially the app itself. Further, for both the website and the app making them multilingual was a challenge. Several categories are there in the app which needs to be adjusted properly.

On the digital marketing side, getting rank for this website with only two pages was not at all an easy task. Further, being a multilingual site, all the meta and descriptions are needed to be in multiple languages.

The concept of the digital menu was new in the vape industry, so making the people understand the thing was another challenge. Targeting both the shop owners and juice makers and whole sellers are not that easy thing. Lead generation was a challenge also.

Service provided

To meet those challenges, TechiEvolve provides some of the best services to achieve the objective that we have set for us.

Development Services

The development service part is classified into two different parts. First is building an informational website and the second is developing an app for both IOS and Android.

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The website is divided into two sections, one is for the store and the other one is for the brands. The website is simple in functioning. It is developed to promote the app and attract the potential audience to the site and complete the sign-up process.

A Daily backup of the website is taken to tackle any emergency

Coming to the mobile application, it is a hybrid application made for both IOS and Android platforms. However, these are not made available on iStore or PlayStore. The user needs to sign up first to use the APK.

There is probation for the users to promote their product on the application also.

Digital Marketing Service

Coming to digital marketing services, targeting the two types of customers at once was a challenge. Thus, the digital marketing team tried to categorize the audience and approach them.

A normal SEO campaign is done to attract the traffic towards the site and get rank for the relevant keywords.

Content marketing is done to promote the brand itself.

Extensive email marketing is done to reach a potential audience.

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