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Vaper Studio

About Vaper Studio

Vaper studio is a renowned vape store in the US established in 2018. It has both a physical and online presence. Experts put forth their years of experience to give a unique vaping experience to the vapers. However, even after two years of presence in the market, the company struggled to get the desired traffic to the website.
Hence, the Vaper Studio approached us to enhance their web presence.


The objective was clear since Vaper Studio approached us. We focused on building a substantial online presence through a 360degree marketing effort. However, we found few issues with the existing website, which was developed on the WIX platform. Offering the customers, a smooth user experience was our final objective.


The primary challenge for promoting the website was its WIX platform, which was not a recommended platform for search engine optimization. Further, ensuring the security of the WIX website was another challenge.

On the digital marketing side, apart from the website issues, establishing Vaper Studio as a premium website was a challenge. It was an open secret that you can’t do a paid promotion for a vaping website.

Service provided

Our experienced developers worked on the WIX platform to enhance the website features to overcome the development challenges. Further, the developers incorporated an age-checker to prevent people buy vape products less than 21years. Besides, page speed optimization is done to fasten the page load time.

As a part of the 360degree digital marketing approach, we have optimized the website and done an intensive SEO campaign to drive quality traffic to the website.

Finally, we zeroed our focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO), as we believe our work is not over by driving only traffic. We ensure that the traffic converts into leads and leads into customers.

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