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About VGOD

VGOD was founded in 2013, and is credited for mingling vaping with art and creativity. VGOD offers its customers some of the most premium flavor profiles and vaping devices. They also have cool collections of goodies and merchandise.


When VGOD approached us seven years back, our objective was to promote VGOD as a premium vape manufacturing company. We were keen to develop an e-commerce website with mood specific landing pages that could showcase the vape lifestyle.

We planned to implement Magento as the CMS platform for smooth backend operation. A secured payment gateway needed to be incorporated as well as a designing mood and color specific landing pages.

For digital marketing, our primary objective was to promote the brand VGOD as a premium vape lifestyle company. We planned to boost the sales figures by driving quality traffic to the site. Proper research and implementation helped us in achieving our digital marketing objectives.


We love challenges as it helps us to perform our best. While developing the website our primary challenge was to develop a great website with all the built-in functionalities.

On the digital marketing side, our aim was to run a successful campaign that would popularize VGOD as a premium vape bard and generate revenue for the company.

Development Challenge

Stock management: Managing stocks of the different warehouses located in different cities from a single interface was a challenge for the developers.
Advanced Reporting System: Magento has its reporting system. But the client has asked for an advanced reporting system that can produce the details of all the inventory and sales.
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Digital Marketing Challenges

Coming to the digital marketing part, establishing VGOD as a premium vape brand was the biggest challenge. Further, establishing VGOD by competing with the brands was no doubt a tough task to do.
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Service Provides

To overcome the challenges, we provided different services. Here is the list of the services we provided to VGOD.

Development Services

Secured payment gateway

Primarily used Magento 1 platform later migrated to Magento 2

AWS cloud server for traffic management

Integrate third-party application for displaying collective social media engagement

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Digital Marketing Services

Site optimization and SEO for driving traffic to the website

Traffic Trend – Screenshot:

vgod traffic

Backlink Trend – Screenshot:

vgod backlink

Rigorous SMO campaigning for establishing VGOD as Brand

Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to ensure not only the traffic is coming but also, it’s converting into customers.

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