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WESCOSIGNS is a Sign designing architect based in Southern California. They provide quality signs, graphic design, and architecture services since 2006. WESCOSIGNS has approached us for digital marketing support for lead generation.


After WESCOSIGNS approached us, the primary objective of TechiEvolve was to scrutinize the website they have. The website plays an important role in lead generation. So, Once went through the website in detail, we focused on promoting the website as a brand and the business as a local business and to generate lead.


WESCOSIGNS is a B2B business, so the target was to attract the businesses who are looking to set up their new store or want to redesign their stores. Businesses don’t take chance with new establishments. So, the challenge was to establish WESCOSIGNS as a brand.

Further, in most of these cases, businesses look for a local store whom they can contact easily. So, another challenge was to promote the store as a local business.

Digital Marketing Services

To overcome the challenges, the following services are offered to WESCOSIGNS.

Optimized the site to driving traffic to the website.

Create and Manage local GMB (Google My Business) page to establish the business as a local business.

Running proper SMO campaign on different platforms to establish WESCOSIGNS as a popular brand

Run Google PPC (Paid campaign) campaign to get the leads and convert them.

Managing online reputation to build trust among the customers

Finally, continuously monitored the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) as we don’t leave only by driving traffic. We believe that it is the conversion of that traffic that generates business.

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