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WOTOFO is one of the premium manufacturers of vape products and accessories. It is one of the leading brands of rebuildable devices offering some of the best RDAs, RTAs, and Mods, available in the market. Founded in 2012, WOTOFO values Innovation, Safety, and Quality above all. They approached us to develop content for 72 products and Blog posts.


WOTOFO has approached us for content creation for their newly developed products and accessories. Further, they have also given the task of writing some of their on-page blogs. It was the project solely focused on content creation.

Our primary objective was to find the right keywords through extensive research. Once, completing the research, SEO team provided these keywords to our content development team for curating attractive and SEO friendly contents.


At TechiEvolve, we believe that challenges enrich our performance. The primary challenge was to find the right keywords. Our Digital Marketing Team found it challenging as all the products were new, and few competitive sites were known.

The next challenge was for our writers to curate attractive, lucid, and SEO-friendly contents, all at the same time. Further, developing blogs for over 3000words each requires an in-depth knowledge of the matter.

One of the biggest challenges of writing lengthy content is to keep it attractive and informative throughout its total length. Our content team often found it difficult to get research matters for the blogs as it was limited even over the internet.


To achieve the objective and overcome the challenges, our digital marketing team ensured extensive research.

SEO executives researched thoroughly to get the best keywords for both the product description and blogs. They filtered the keywords based on the search volume to ensure a quick result.

Our content development team first focused on curating the product descriptions. Using the multiple keywords in the proper manner by abiding the rules of the Google search engine was not less than a challenge. Further, they read several blogs and watched videos of the vape influencers to curate long, data-filled, yet grasping content to hook the readers to the post.

Finally, the result was the creation of some of the best vape contents currently available over the internet.

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