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About XL Vape

XL Vape is one of the large manufacturing and distribution corporation. XL vape is recognized globally and offering service to over 4,000 vape companies worldwide. XL Vape is a wholesale company which deals with different retail vape companies.


The objective for the XL Vape project was different than of other vape companies and the reason was that it is not a retail vape. Thus, it was a B2B company and we need to focus on inventory and security features more.

Our primary objective was to control the large volume of stock that XL Vape manages. It is B2B business so ensure a fast check out and a simplistic design. Companies are keener on getting right products and order rather than webpage design. It was whole sale company so security was another prime objective of the project.

In case of digital marketing, the objective was simple to target the different retail vape stores who can place order from XL Vape.


Like any new project, XL Vape comes with its own challenges. The challenge is faced on both the development and marketing phase.

Development Challenge

Coming to the development phase, the first challenge was to manage the huge stock of the company. It was a B2B company so inventory control was a big challenge. Further, ensuring security was an issue as the orders would be of large volume so as the payments. Another issue was to limit users from purchasing minimum quantity products as it was a wholesale site.
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Digital marketing Challenge

In case of digital marketing the main challenge was to reach retail vape companies. As it is known to all that we cannot do paid promotion of vape products, so reaching the companies or people looking for bulk orders was little difficult.
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Service Provided

To overcome the challenges and achieve the objective, we have planned and executed certain services. Here is the list of services we provided.

Development Services

Secured payment gateway

Used Magento 1 platform and later Magento 2 for a smooth backend operation

AWS cloud server for traffic management

Daily backup of the website to tackle any emergency

Minimum purchase quantity

Complete Website Walkthrough Video

Digital Marketing Services

Site optimization and SEO for creating awareness and driving traffic towards the website

SMO campaigning to reach a wide range of customers across the country

Email marketing to target the specific retail vape companies

Focus on the conversion rate optimization (CRO) for seeing the amount of traffic converting to sales.

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