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Build Your Presentation With Courtroom Graphics

When it comes to trials and the courtroom, TechiEvolve knows how important it is to present your case precisely, intelligibly, and quickly. That’s why our design team works hard to offer you amazing graphic presentation services. Our legal graphics are tailored to your case. From patent infringement to medical malpractice, our experts can produce sophisticated graphics and presentations for all kinds of cases.

We design these trial graphics based on the information gathered from your case. The digital files and trial boards are extensions of your legal case, and we become an extension of our graphics team.

When entering the courtroom, you’ll have complete peace of mind that you will be presented with the industry best courtroom graphics on your side. Our courtroom presentation is over one-off slide.

The Story Of Us & Our Clients

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Our Services – How We Help?

Trial Presentation

Trial Presentation

Our trial presentation services include a suite of litigation technology designed to make the presentation as convincing as all facts on your side; so the jury can focus on evidence.

Courtroom Graphics

Courtroom Graphics

Pathway charts, visual timelines, build boards, and other informative graphics help break down liability in ways that makes it easy for jurors to understand your case.

Court Timeline Design

Court Timeline Design

The courtroom timeline design works as an exhibit to a brief or on an easel in court and helps the audience understand a cohesive story they can refer to or study as and when needed.

Trial Animation

Trial Animation

Work under the guidance of your attorneys and paralegals to develop sophisticated animations that present dense informational parts of your case.

Our Portfolio – What We Deliver?

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How Does TechiEvolve Help With Legal Graphics Services?

At TechiEvolve, our contributions don’t end with creating court room graphics, our experts make sure the graphics are created according to your need and explain to you everything you need to know.


Today’s media and internet based culture is suited for courtroom visuals. Our society is evolving and changing the way we acquire information and help use technology mindset to your best advantage at courtrooms.


Our experienced graphics team will surely be an addition to your litigation team and work side by side to offer all assistance, changes and modifications you need in your graphical representation.


TechiEvolve tries to understand the in-depth details of your case and come up with visuals and timeline of a trial for the story you need to share. We gain thorough understanding of challenges, potential themes and case asset strategies that help you reach the goal of winning the case.


After understanding the initial information, we bring our expertise and knowledge to your case and create amazing trial graphics providing insightful visual solution.


What Do You Get With Trial Graphics Services?

There is no doubt that Court room graphics help jury learn, understand and process information mentally efficiently. Legal graphics help in several ways.

Information Is Easy To Process With simple images and timeline for court case, jury can better interpret information making sound decisions.
Majority Of People Are Visual LearnersLawyers can talk less to convey large amount of information through visual representation.
Data Is Highly EngagingCourtroom presentation draws attention; is interesting and emotionally captivating when compared to talking.
Microscopic Evidence Becomes ShareableEnlarges scientific data for explaining special evidences to discuss evidence on molecular level.
Historical Facts Better IllustratedCourt room graphics clarify crucial information of the case and allow clients to take-away what they need.

Mission | TechiEvolve

Our mission is to provide custom based personalized trial graphics; TechiEvolve understands that legal graphics are vital part of introducing complex ideas clearly.

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