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Kushal Biswas

Kushal as the Digital Marketing Manager at TechiEvolve with over 14 years of experience performs team handling, develops detailed project plans along with monitoring progress and delivering projects on time, ensuring quality standards. He leads the team that oversees a variety of digital marketing programs and plans and executes all digital marketing budgets. Kushal communicates with senior leaderships or clients/prospects – the value that digital marketing campaigns can bring to any business.

Favourite Quote

“Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

A Visionary & A True Leader

Collaborates with team members & provides guidance to the design and implementation of marketing campaigns to enhance overall online presence of the business website. He researches competitive landscape, gleaning competitive and customer insights that help drive strategic direction for marketing products within the digital product portfolio with specific focus on Identity products and/or Marketing products. Kushal sizes up business opportunities based on customer value as well as financial value.

Prior to TechiEvolve, Kushal was award winning employee of Infosys and Philips, having worked on over 100+ projects. He is responsible for creating product roadmap and deliver against the goal of improving customer experience and value for your product portfolio. Partner with TechiEvolve marketing team to define go- to market strategies for your products, including site merchandising, CRM, PR and various acquisition strategies.

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