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Zee is an accomplished business executive, and a community leader, with a passion for technology and creative marketing, as the president at TechiEvolve, a digital services company; offering development, marketing and B2B solutions. he guides TechiEvolve’s overall strategy and direction, guides the team, works hands-on with clients and drives the organization’s growth agenda and transformation into an innovative digital services leader.

Favourite Quote

“Treat others as you like to be treated, including your clients”.

A Visionary & A True Leader

Zee has over 30 years of management experience, working with fortune 500 companies in several fields; enables Zee to help business owners and executives successfully accomplish their goals and meet their objectives utilizing the latest IT technologies.

As the Managing Partner is accountable for establishing strategic objectives and goals, supervising day-to-day activities, checking performance, and driving company development. He has the ability to purposefully guide business operations as well as employees to achieve organizational objectives and goals. Zee is also known as the optimizer, coupling his expertise and technology to post your bottom line and increase productivity, he serves on the board of directors of profit and nonprofit organizations in southern Ca. With his in-depth industry experience, Zee can help any business increase the bottom line and put you ahead of the competition.

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