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There are indeed over 2 million blog posts written each day. So how do you engage readers in this era of short attention span and information overload?

The only way of doing this is by creating unique content. But as the clients always ask, is any content unique in today’s time?Of course, most topics under the sun have been written about. But unique content doesn’t mean you need a unique topic.

What it means is that you have to bring a unique perspective to that topic, whether that is in the way you structure the content or add personality to it with content marketing strategy services.

How To Add Personality To Content?

Don’t Just Write, Talk
Believe it or not, it is one of the easiest ways to add more personality to your content. Unfortunately, ever since school, we have been taught there is a difference between how we speak and how we write.
While writing, choose simple and direct words that flow naturally. This makes the content engaging.

Tell A Powerful Story

To come up with an interesting story, make sure you find anecdotes that are both relevant and interesting to the point you are making.
Sprinkle these through the content without going overboard. Excess anecdotes can be jarring and take attention away from the main content.

Craft A Buyer Persona

Craft A Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a detailed account of an average reader of the blog. Put time and effort into cultivating a buyer persona so you can understand your audience better.
Figure out who your reader is, how old they are, what gender they belong to.

How To Make Your Content Interesting?

Ask Rhetorical Questions
Rhetorical questions get readers thinking for themselves, even when solely momentarily, quite than merely taking in info.
When crafting rhetorical questions, nonetheless, a bit goes the distance. Littering the content material with rhetorical questions can lead to annoyed readers who can feel like they are under interrogation.
Never ask more than two rhetorical questions every 500 words.

Consider Formatting

If your phrases are the paint, formatting is the canvas- and no masterpiece was created on a serviette. Good use of paragraph spacing, darting sort, can make your content more pleasing to the attention.
Craft short paragraphs to preserve the readers from becoming bored visually. Use italics to add emphasis to key phrases, especially when distinguishing between two phrases. Best content marketing agencies stress over it.

Include Fascinating Information

Include Fascinating Information

People read for two reasons: to be entertained and to learn. These causes aren’t unique. It is hard to entertain when audience members, to some extent, aren’t expanding the intellectual horizons.
Research your matter to discover fascinating information and sparkly them through the piece.

Read Entertaining Content

Adding personality to your writing doesn’t mean giving it your personality. By reading entertaining content- non-fiction and fiction- you’ll find your writing inspired by voices and styles.
Subscribe to a few magazines, or novels from time to time, and follow blogs offering content you admire. Not only are these great ways to pass time, but they’ll also help you become a good writer.

Build Suspense

Build Suspense

Building suspense is the holy grail of content writing. It is one of the coveted skills, and the reason James Patterson and Stephen King can sell books off the shelves.
Build suspense even if you aren’t writing a mystery novel. Ask yourself what the engaging part of the piece is and builds towards its reveal.

Work to reveal details little by little, unraveling details, building suspense. Make use of this in your social media marketing and management campaigns.
Finally, the best way to add personality to content is to say something new and different6. Having a unique perspective conveying excitement that’s hard to achieve.


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