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Anybody who knows anything about e-commerce knows these two names – Shopify and Magento – two of the biggest names in the list of e-commerce platforms.

They offer advanced features to help companies scale themselves. While essentially serving the same purpose, i.e., e-commerce, as two different applications, they are slightly different, and these distinctions affect how your business operates.

But is one better than the other? Which to opt for – Shopify or Magento? Let’s find out right now!


Any business owner looking to start an online business without the hassle and wants an easy-to-use website builder with a simple interface will love Shopify. They also get access to various e-commerce functionalities and compatibility with third-party digital tools.


Magento, now Adobe Commerce, is an e-commerce platform providing a consistent experience for businesses of all sizes. Create multichannel experiences and initiate several multilingual websites. It has over 3,600 native integrations available in Adobe Marketplace for optimizing the website, marketing, shipping, and customer support.

Shopify is a better tool for small and mid-sized businesses because of its user-friendliness. Adobe Commerce allows for building unique branded experiences and adding complex website functionalities.

Main Features of Shopify and Magento

Promotions are ideal for e-commerce marketing strategies as they help convert incoming traffic into customers via automatic discounts and coupons. Discounts and offers attract approximately 71% of online shoppers. So, choosing the platform most suitable for business is necessary.


Its user-friendliness applies to promotions. Users can choose premium promotional solutions from thousands in its app store or use promotions built into the Shopify dashboard.

If you are satisfied with minimal customization options, it is a better solution than Magento because its convenience is top-notch. You will prefer Magento’s flexibility if you have a complex store or promotion.

Even though you may not be able to run all kinds of complex promotions, you can use an app from the app store. Alternatively, you can create one that leverages the Shopify Functions API, but you must pay developer fees to build it and have an ongoing hosting cost.

However, for most, Shopify’s inbuilt promotional tools should get the job done.


Adobe Commerce is open-source and enables developers to make complex and diverse promotional scenarios with personalized offers and tiered pricing. This platform offers two price rules – Catalog Price and Cart Price.

In catalog price, the discounts apply to products before customers add them to the cart. The store can choose a product group sharing the same characteristics and apply a discount to that group. The store can schedule the promotion in advance.

In cart price, the discounts apply to products after they enter the cart. The discounts can be applied based on the cart total and add BOGO or buy 1 get 1 offer.

If you run a large enterprise requiring a high degree of flexibility for a complex product catalog. A merchant can prepare these promotions by visiting the Admin panel’s Marketing section. The problem: this platform’s promotions only work depending on condition combinations. If a promotion is complex with the addition of more rules. Unless you know exactly what to do, you will need to hire developers.

The Result

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Both Shopify and Magento are recognized as powerhouses in the e-commerce platform arena, each boasting a variety of robust features. However, determining which platform is ideal for your business depends on several factors, including your purpose, budget, scale of operation, and the level of customization your store requires.

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