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The National Retail Federation reported that holiday spending in the US alone exceeded $789 billion last November and December.

It’s only expected to get busier this year. In response to a global outbreak, Black Friday shoppers now queue in virtual stores instead of physical ones.

Any hemp business of any size will see a spike in online Black Friday traffic and potential revenue.

I have compiled nine proven Black Friday hemp digital marketing strategies you can use this year and, in the future, to help you get ready for Black Friday.

1. Build Your Black Friday Email List

You must be aware of the effectiveness of email marketing in driving Black Friday sales. In order for your hemp email marketing to be successful, you must build an email list of subscribers who are interested in your upcoming offers.

Create a pop-up email a few weeks before Black Friday to target new visitors who are interested in your deals.

Black Friday Email

2. Schedule Your Popups

Those of you who read our blog probably heard me say it twenty times, but we’ll say it again: Popups aren’t just for collecting emails.

Whether you’re trying to direct visitors to your top Black Friday deals, reduce cart abandonment, or inform them about delivery times, you can schedule popups in advance for each purpose.

3. Experiment with Timing

On Black Friday, hundreds of online stores compete for prospects’ attention. During the shopping weekend, consumers become numb after repeatedly receiving the same type of hemp marketing messages.

Your messages won’t get lost among a million other distractions if you change your timing this year.

When should you arrive early or when should you arrive late? It’s your call, of course the right hemp digital marketing company can guide you.

4. Make Your Sale Memorable

It may be true that your online store offers the best hemp product deals and the fastest delivery options, but you are not the only one.

The competition gets even fiercer during Black Friday, when every single e-trailer is fighting for your prospects’ attention.

Sale Memorable

Consumers also have a tough time. They have to navigate through different CBD stores, compare items, and create shopping lists so they can buy their favorite items before they sell out.

You have the chance to stand out and make your e-commerce site memorable on Black Friday.

5. Use the Element of Surprise

When used correctly, surprises can be a powerful hemp marketing tool as well.

Every other online store kills the element of surprise by adding Black Friday discounts to their subject lines, but there are a few successful e-tailers that know how to pull it off.

Instead of saying that they’ll get X percent off, you can tease your Black Friday offer by telling them to get excited because they’re getting a discount.

6. Offer More Benefits

Black Friday isn’t just about discounts, as you might think.

To a certain extent, you’re right. During Black Friday weekend, hemp consumers expect a compelling discount, but that isn’t all.

Offering more benefits to your customers during Black Friday, such as free shipping, free returns, or bonuses, is a good way to go beyond discounts.

7. Make Your Subject Line Stand Out

Black Friday is not a discounting event, it’s a battle for attention. Your first goal in this battle should be to get noticed in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Subject Line Stand Out

Writing well-written subject lines for your emails is the initial step to achieving success. Experienced hemp digital marketing companies can help you with it.

8. Redefine Black Friday

It seems like every brand approaches Black Friday in the same manner these days: Discount your hemp products, send a promotional email, and wait for the results.

As a hemp business owner, you too need to work on what makes your brand different or bring out something new to draw attention of your customers.

9. Tease Your Next Campaign

Black Friday begins well before the actual day. Yet, it doesn’t stop there.

Next Campaign

Take advantage of this holiday shopping season by highlighting your next big shopping day after Black Friday.

Cyber Monday, Christmas, or a local holiday can already be advertised, hinting that a compelling hemp product offer is coming up.


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