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AI is putting all content marketers on the verge of becoming AI-first. It is set to revolutionize content. Is your business AI-ready?

Moreover, AI works to speed up content creating process in every industry, making content marketing strategies quick and easy.

Artificial Intelligence has made giant leaps in the last few years, and it isn’t so hard to imagine how it can impact your content marketing strategy services.
Let’s see how you can tap into AI’s power to fuel your content marketing process.

When To Use AI In Content Marketing?

The way AI tools generate content is through rules. It means you give it a set of data, and AI develops a narrative around it. Creating reports may be time-taking; AI-generated reports help companies save employees time for other tasks

While AI-generated content appears outstanding, it comes with challenges: computers can’t think themselves. They need your input to operate. AI doesn’t know what we believe as funny, even if we explain with rules.
In other words, the goal of AI is to make the task easy and helps focus on human strength using AI-powered content marketing strategy services.

Best Kind Of AI Backed Content Marketing

Creating Reports Like Human

The most creative implementation you can find for AI is report generation. Having computer-generated reports saves you time; it gives time to analyze results, present them to executives, and do something productive with the insights.

You have Quill, enterprise-level software focusing on creating reports for finance companies and intelligence agencies. Of course, you have other options, too. Explore all options and pick the right one.

Creating Reports

Boost Content Search Engine Performance

For content marketing strategy services, it is necessary to boost the content’s performance on search engines. You may spend enough time each week analyzing keywords and popular topics to write on.
It is a long and painstaking process you have to undergo for each article you publish. Imagine if you knew with precision which kind of content would drive organic traffic to the site? You wouldn’t spend time researching and figuring out what you wish to publish.

You have different tools for that, such as MarketMuse. This tool is for content optimization. You can use it to analyze a focused topic, or get recommendations on, how to write and what to write.

Improving Content Quality

Besides content research ideas, another time-taking task you spend enough time on is actual writing and editing. Decreasing the time in creating content helps spend time on strategic tasks like promoting it.
Here too, you have multiple software like Atomic Reach. It is a content conversion platform that allows you to analyze the content using a 23 point system.

With it, you can maintain consistency throughout content across blogs, emails, social media, etc. You can check writing quality with this context engine, offering suggestions on what to improve. It is similar to Grammarly.

Improving Content Quality

Promoting Your Content

After publishing your blog, what next? You can post an article, schedule some tweets and send some outreach emails to people you think may be interested in the content.

But is it the right way to distribute your content? Probably not!

You have Keywee to help you the best content marketing agencies use when it comes to content marketing.

The tool uses natural language processing software for analyzing the content and find audiences on IG and Facebook who have shown interest in your content.

It also generates content for paid social media campaigns with optimized bids for every selected audience and gives the breakdown of every campaign you run.
You have another option known as the Concured. It is the world’s first AI-powered Content strategy platform.

Promoting Your Content

It is similar to Keywee. It helps show content with a high correlation with other pieces having performed well in the past and suggests ways for promoting it through a paid social media campaign.
Finally, whether it is simple human-like reports, analyzing content, or making it cheaper for promotion, AI represents the newest partner to marketers.


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