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Struggling with low sales even though you have already got a nice traffic flow? There are two reasons- your traffic isn’t qualified and your user experience flow doesn’t convert potential customers into real buying.
In this blog, we will solve the challenge on how to increase e-commerce sales, by discussing these strategies and e-commerce development.

How To Drive More Sales Than Ever Before?

There are dozens of ways you can make more sales online, many of which you can implement right away. Some tips you can focus on specific strategies you can implement, whereas others are generalized.

Upsell And Cross Sell Relevant Products

Upselling & Cross selling are win-win

Cross sells and upsells are accountable for an average of 10-30% of ecommerce revenue. These form an integral part to increase online sales 2021.
What you need to know is here is that both upselling and cross-selling are different though the terms are interchangeable nowadays. For example:

  • Upsell- offer high upgrade alternatives
  • Cross sell- offer package of complementary items that go well together

Be Honest In Your Sales Copy

Don’t make claims you can’t substantiate, and don’t use hyperbole. Be straightforward and honest in all your sales copy from your homepage to email campaigns.

Get Extensions And More Ad Clicks

When selling stuff online, ad extensions are a no-brainer. This feature allows you to make the ad bigger with more places to click. And it doesn’t cost much. And increases your ad’s click through rate!

Create A Sense Of Urgency

You Snooze You Lose

It’s important to be honest and transparent about who you are what you do, but there is no rule against creating a sense of urgency to persuade prospects to buy from you right now.
Many consumers respond positively to incentives that create a sense of urgency, from time-sensitive special offers to limited-edition products.

Increase Social Proof With Product Reviews

Social proof is your key to magnetic marketing: taking advantage of the crowd effect to attract more customers. When visiting the website, many customers are skeptical.
Though shopping online is nothing familiar, there are risks to some extent as customers can’t see or touch before paying.

Run Affiliate Marketing With Influencers Within The Niche

Stay ahead of the marketing game

Influencers have great power on social media. When they talk positively about something, it can become a trend blown up by the followers.
You can reach out to social influencers in the niche to let them promote your product and drive visitors to the website.

Target Lookalike Audiences On Facebook

One of the creative ways to increase retail sale is to use the data you have about your existing customers to find people just like them. Facebook allows you to do this through the targeting of lookalike audiences.
Lookalike audiences in Facebook are essentially users on Facebook who share characteristics and behaviors to customers in your database.
Finally, there could be a million creative ways how to increase online sales for ecommerce stores. What we suggest here are the most proven strategies applied by many big and small brands that drive real results.


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