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The internet has developed a lot since it was invented. It is seen as a hub of communication for the modern society, especially in the vape community.
Many websites have taken their products and services online to try and reach a wide market. A business without a website cannot be taken seriously. Websites are more like a marketing team that doesn’t go to sleep.

That is the reason why it is important to optimize a website appropriately. Online stores, know best the importance of well-optimized websites for better sales.
Vape stores for instance, depending on the sites to drive the most desired traffic to their shops and generate sales.
Since social media is the widest application of internet possibility, vape shops have discovered the need to leverage social media such as Instagram marketing tool.

Why Is Social Media Important For Vape Stores?

Social media such as Instagram is a platform for sharing your likes to the world and with your connections. social media marketing and management gives people a chance to people with like-mindedness to meet and discuss an issue that relates to their belief.

Instagram is a platform that is growing so much in popularity among the vape communities. There are hundreds of hand checks, vape clouds among other things shared every day. You will also not miss familiar hashtags such as #vapelife #vaper among others.

How To Market Vape Products That Instagram Doesn’t Allow?

Market Vape Product


If you are a business owner in the vape industry, you know it is difficult to run ads on Facebook and Google.
Regardless of the fact that this market is huge, the vape industry doesn’t fit with these platform standards. We all know social media such as Instagram have the potential of providing a massive increase in traffic and instant conversions.

So, how are you going to effectively advertise? Let us look at ways you can market your vape product without violating social media marketing and management guidelines.

How To Fully Utilize Social Media Platforms?

Utilize Social Media Platform

Here are some ways in which you can make the most with your Instagram platforms.
Use hashtags- hashtags are important for use on social media when it comes to categorizing content for your audience.

Not only will the potential customers have an easier time finding out, but hashtags will help in branding and visibility, localization, and promotion.

Post high quality photos- One of the best forms of advertisement? High-quality interesting photos of the products. A picture is worth a thousand words and will surely help in capturing vapers’ attention.

What’s The Trend Between Vaping And Instagram?

Trend Between Vape And Instagram

Vape hashtags have seen a massive surge in engagement the last couple of years- and there’s good reason for that.
Statistics show 85% of those surveyed in 18-29 age range had tried vaping before. The vast majority of Instagram users fall under the same age.

What Can Hashtags Do For Your Vape Business?

Believe or not, including hashtags in Instagram posts is considered a free form of marketing- and it is effective.
It is true that vape related content is not allowed as paid ads on most social media platforms. However, it doesn’t mean that vape hashtags aren’t killing it on Instagram.

According to Simply Measured, using a hashtag increases post engagement by 12.6%. Hashtags are an effective way to drive organic traffic to the content.

Hashtag For Vape Business

How To Use Vape Hashtags On Instagram?

To use vape hashtags as part of Instagram marketing, researching the most used hashtags is a great place to start. The information can be found by using the Search feature of your Instagram account.

It will tell you which hashtags are used, which are relevant and most likely to get the post seen.

Finally, while Instagram seems to be the only social media platform that doesn’t follow less is more when using hashtags, you will make sure you don’t overuse them.



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