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Do you know the reality of the cannabis industry?

Well, it exists in a complicated legal landscape, buried behind years of false campaigning, finally winning the battle against the stigma associated with it because of all kinds of misinformation.

This makes it difficult for brands and CBD Marketing agencies to get desirable commodities like marijuana one-on-one with the right audience.

Here, cannabis content marketing comes to our rescue, helping fight back against the negatives of cannabis hangover while keeping up with the bounds of the law.

A well-developed CBD content marketing strategy can boost a business’s SEO and web traffic, create brand awareness and enhance social media and PR results. Dispensaries of all sizes can benefit from having an effective dispensary content marketing strategy.

Issues Related to Cannabis Marketing

To start with, the heavy regulation in the marijuana industry is the major issue as it makes marketing marijuana products no easy feat.

According to US federal law, cannabis businesses is strictly prohibited from advertising in any kind traditional media such as magazines, newspaper, and other credible options.

And, if someone even tries their hands in that sphere, the US Postal Service has the duty not to print any such material. The same is for billboards and other kinds of promotional stuff.

Social media is no different. You cannot rely on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as any posts that have cannabis-related keywords, are automatically removed. Also, paid campaigns and boosts for these products are not permitted.

Therefore, even if you want to promote these, the algorithm wouldn’t let them pass. Depending on your violation, there are high possibilities of your profile being banned.

A lot of brands leave no stone unturned and try to find a resort by creating new channels on social media and restart the process from scratch. These short-term solutions don’t pave the way to brands’ long-term growth.

Cannabis Content Marketing

Significance of CBD Content Marketing

Content marketing is used by CBD Marketing agencies and brands to tell their stories, to promote a brand by posting various contents in the form of web articles, images, videos, etc.

Many brands and markets perform this regularly, but only a few get success in creating intriguing content and getting traction.

It’s high time, marketers and brand owners need to reevaluate the content they create for consumption. Because most of what qualifies for content at present is designed only to seize attention momentarily. But the best content educates; it’s exact and enduring – and everything is content.

Significance of CBD Content Marketing

Cannabis-focused Content Marketing Rules to Follow

To produce useful and intriguing content that leaves an impact, you need to first understand your audience.

Start with creating a psychological profile that paints an entire consumer portrait stressing their concerns, their challenges, the kind of pieces they like to consume, their source of news and entertainment, how can a cannabis dispensary or brand help them? Etc.

Also, never underestimate your audience. They are smart and sniff sales pitches from miles away so don’t try to sell but try to help them.

Top CBD marketing experts subtly promote cannabis dispensaries or brands. Their mantra to success helps not hype!

Come up with relevant contents

Local cannabis dispensaries desiring to connect with a localized public will have to focus on answering the issues requested by their consumers.

Incorporate customer interests in your content, and you’ll notice a definite shift in engagement. These tricks help gain a pleasant and reliable name.

Generate Factual Content with Personality

To make it up to cannabis content marketing nirvana, you must produce consistent and genuine content with personality.

All things you share should resonate with your readers, and your goal must be transparent and clear of fake commitments. Make sure you be interactive and pick a tone. Be it sassy, humble, comedic, or severe, accordingly.

Generate Factual Content with Personality

Have a Strategy before you start

Have a properly documented strategy in place before you start, without a strategy, it’s more like building a house with no plan.

Content strategy will have constant changes, but with a strategy, customers will become your guiding point for all your videos, blogs, Instagram posts, tweets, or Facebook posts.

Choose Quality over Quantity, any day!

Marketers in order to connect with their audience flood them with content thinking more content equals more views but that’s a false notion.

Even if the contents are exceptional, there’s a thing called audience fatigue which will prevent them from consuming all those beautiful pieces.

The smartest thing to do is crafting thoughtful contents that have the potential to stand the test of time and can position your brand as the epitome of a thought leader in the industry.


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