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Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has changed the way people around the world live. In recent years, entrepreneurs have been pushed to move their businesses online, and many employees now work from home.

Facebook reports record app usage across the globe. Over the past month, messaging has grown twice (February to March), and voice and video calling have more than doubled in WhatsApp and Messenger.

With more people relying on online stores and social media to buy, connect, or run their businesses, now is a great time to use CBD marketing to promote your brand.

CBD Targeting For COVID-19

As we can see from the “CBD” search term, CBD searches peaked more times and higher than last year at this time.

The trend is also increasing as compared to last year, which remained around the same level (50).

Since the pandemic began, two interesting trends in CBD search have emerged.

You might wonder, how can you advertise CBD on Facebook or Google given all these opportunities? In the following sections, we will let you know.

CBD Business During Pandemic

Can You Advertise CBD Oil Online?

CBD advertising has set of limitations as well as challenges. In fact, it is almost impossible to advertise it on social media platforms or even on Google.

Facebook CBD’s policy on advertising does not allow recreational or medical marijuana on its platform, as well as other cannabis properties.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others do not allow CBD marketing and advertising, such as the case on Facebook and Google.
However, this does not mean you cannot advertise at all. What matters most is how you explain your CBD products to the audience without really mentioning CBD.

By filtering and being lucky, you can advertise your products on big social networks and search engines like Facebook and Google.
We’ve been able to do it (not by chance but by following a proven system) ever since 2016 with some of the most famous CBD brands we’ve been fortunate to work with.

Where Can You Advertise CBD?

There are many platforms that allow you to advertise with certain restrictions, as mentioned earlier. But with search engines (e.g. Google, Bing) and giant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, medical marijuana and CBD ads are prohibited.

There are other places where you can use hemp digital marketing with no restrictions or little restrictions, but your audience and reach are not as big as with the platforms mentioned above.
The following are other methods of advertising or promotion you can use during COVID-19:

How to Advertise CBD?

Native Ads

You can advertise on relevant content seamlessly, so it looks as if the ad is a part of the content (e.g. a blog post).
There are other ad networks that let you show your ads as ‘content recommendations’, in addition to Facebook and Google.

Influencer Marketing

People are more interested in influencers due to their honest reviews and real-life experiences that reflect what your audience is experiencing.

Celebrity endorsements are often overly polished and unrealistic, which is why big brands are investing into influencers.

However, influencer ads may cost a lot of money but not yield results. Similarly, the actual reach also depends on how big the influencers’ networks are, and YouTube star endorsements are also expensive.

CBD Influencer Marketing


Recently, podcast ads have become mainstream, but they are excellent for creating brand awareness or recall/recognition.

Since your ads flow freely into the content, they don’t sound scripted or unauthentic, and they’re seamlessly integrated into the show, so they don’t sound like they’re unnatural.

Trust is another reason for podcast ads to be effective, just as it is with influencer marketing. The audience trusts the recommendations of their favorite podcast hosts, so highly relevant podcast shows are likely to increase your conversion

Facebook And Google Cannabis Advertising

All of the above platforms have different policies, but with Google and Facebook, you may be able to use hemp digital marketing if you get past the initial stage, which is basically sending your ads to their team.
The only problem is that you could get your account banned from advertising or even from the platform.

CBD Advertising- Google and Facebook


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