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Several businesses have made grand success in the past few years with their CBD venture. They understood that CBD is a specific niche and requires creative marketing strategies.

The hemp or CBD market has its own challenges starting from growing them to the point of purchasing and marketing them. Strict guidelines and advertising limitations make things more troublesome for the CBD business owners as well as for the CBD marketing agencies.

These difficulties give strides to CBD sale mistakes. Mistakes in CBD space can hamper your sales and if not fixed timely can escalate into a situation no less than a dumpster fire.

By avoiding CBD sale mistakes and fixing them properly, you can encash growth opportunities in the CBD space and leverage your CBD sales as well.

Top commonly made CBD Sales Mistakes

Being Unclear with Target Audience

CBD and its burgeoning popularity in the wellness industry aren’t new to us. Since people have come one on one with the various potential benefits CBD has to offer, they adore it more than ever! Individuals who want to support their well-being with the help of natural and herbal ingredients rely heavily on CBD products.

Even so, trying to sell CBD to a large and not-segmented audinece just on the basis of its popularity is not the right approach. Sales of cannabis should specifically be curated and tailored to the audience’s needs.

As hemp products are immensely helpful to combat or lessen a number of health issues, it is used by different target groups. Then there are people who want CBD for vaping and recreational purposes. Hence, marketing CBD and targeting the audience base should be done accordingly!

A tailored approach will make your audience perceive that your brand desires to help and will ultimately work as a catalyst for rising sales.

Being Unclear with Target Audience

No Content strategy in place

Other product promotion factors are cool but never miss out on having an effective and full-fledged content strategy in place. Content as you know is the king! It is a must-have strategy that a CBD venture cannot do without.

Content requirement for hemp calls for a lot of effort and should be compliant with specific rules, for instance:

  • Articles should correspond to the CBD sales funnel stage.
  • Content should be informative.
  • Contents should address user’s queries and enigmas.
  • It should be enriched with relevant keywords, etc.

A lot of CBD businesses just have a blog section cluttered with irrelevant topics. As harsh as it may sound, but just creating content chaotically will not streamline the CBD sale process.

This is why it is usually suggested to seek assistance from a full-service CBD marketing agency that extends digital marketing together with content development services for the CBD industry specifically.

No Content strategy in place

Dodging away local SEO practices

Even if you have a well-built physical CBD store, CBD owers cannot afford to miss out on local SEO practices. If you don’t want to lose prospective leads looking for CBD offerings near them, utilize local SEO practices asap!

If you do not have a physical store at place but ship your products at different locations, you should make sure that you cover them with relevant keywords so that your potential customers can find you online and place orders, get them delivered at their doorstep. Local SEO basically is the best technique for local customers to reach out to you.

Reaching out to the wrong influencers

If you’re associating with the wrong influencers, it’s another big mistake that you’re doing.

Relying heavily on social media PR is not as fruitful as you consider it to be. In this day and age, everyone is good at creating content, engage and retain an audience and become an influencer but finding the best among the whole lot is a daunting task.

However, to make finding potential influencers easier, one can use dedicated apps that allow you to segment followers exactly the way target audiences are segmented. Also, pick influencers who have sufficient experience in the CBD niche. Besides, initially, it is good to start with micro-influencers as they will align well with the marketing budgets constraints.

Neglecting PPC and Social Media ads entirely

We are not denying the fact that advertising and promotion of CBD are pretty challenging.
CBD sales law prohibits direct ad campaigns on Google and social media platforms. But there are still quite a few ways to overhaul these limitations.

For example, Facebook allows for targeting people with carefully defined interests, and you may easily come up with your target audience portrait using these filters. To cope with the direct ban of CBD sales and advertising on Google and Facebook, you just need to slightly repurpose your product and advertise it as a herbal painkiller or immune-boosting tool.

Neglecting PPC and Social Media ads entirely

While these restrictions are quite difficult to deal with, you still may give PPC and social media ads a try. Even if there will be no guarantee of a boost in sales but you will be able to reach out to the leads and communicate to them via emails

Dealing with these guidelines no doubt is tricky, but professional CBD marketing agencies with smart hacks can make sure you’re on the up and up!


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