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The future of video marketing has arrived. This has been a full-on video revolution for marketers. As per Wyzowl statistics, 63 percent of businesses have started using video content marketing.
Out of those 82% of businesses feel video marketing is an important part of the strategy. Now, CBD brands too are using video marketing to reach new heights sooner than ever.
The trend is fueled by 83 percent of businesses believing that video marketing gives good ROI. Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the latest additions to your promotion toolbox. You might still have doubts.
Let us see why cannabis businesses need CBD online marketing at all and how it helps.

Why Video Marketing For CBD Business?

When you consider many cannabis brands don’t have presence on YouTube, video marketing becomes more appealing that can boost you up to reach the business goals. By adding a video you can improve SEO, brand awareness and more.

Get Going With CBD Video Marketing

Signs It Is Time To Invest In Video Marketing For CBD Brand

If you are looking to complement your dispensary advertising and help lift results, or if you are a cannabis brand searching to stand out and grow, it is time to add video strategies.

Specific signs you must consider getting started with video include:

  • Your target market has lack of awareness of the brand.
  • Your CBD brand has intense competition.
  • Consumers demonstrate lack of education and knowledge to appreciate the CBD brand’s product completely.

How To Get Going With CBD Video Marketing?

There are some different things to consider when getting started with hiring an SEO services company for your CBD business.
You’ll want to set the goals for creating videos, become familiar with video types popular with cannabis consumer, and set yourself up with the right equipment.

Set Goals

It is necessary to start with the end in mind. Knowing what you want to accomplish with the videos is key to success since it will influence the video types you create, how you create it and will inform what metrics you must track.

CBD video marketing goals are:

  • Brand engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Increase social media reach
  • Increase search engine rankings

CBD Video Marketing Best Practices

Identify Video Aligning With Customer Need

The second thing to consider is the type of video that is right for your goals and your consumers. If you want to use videos to complement the cannabis advertising, use different videos than you would for a beverage brand launching a new product.
It is good to stay ahead of what’s trending in your industry and in the CBD online marketing realm, to help keep you to up-to-date with the type of videos out there.

CBD Video Marketing Best Practices

    • Know your audience

Know who your audience is, what information they need, and where they’ll get it. Start by listening to them, what they are wondering and more.

    • Create list of topics

One common question when people start doing videos, is what to talk to about on camera. It is best to start by answering customer questions. Write down what your customers’ gaps in knowledge are. Stress over increased CBD brand awareness.

    • Tailor videos for each platform

Different platforms have particular specifications when it comes to videos, so a CBD digital marketing agency needs to make sure that your content fits the specifications of each. Consider demographics on every platform and make sure you are targeting the right users.

    • Tell brand story

Video gives your brand a new face and a voice for customers to relate to, and can be used to enrich the understanding and connection of your narratives.

Are you constantly trying to stay ahead of your competitors? Follow these strategies and reach sky high.

Finally, you are now one-step closer to CBD video marketing strategy for your business.

Video Marketing For CBD Business


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