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Do you want to design a business website to promote your CBD brand? You must ensure to design a simple-looking website that isn’t cluttered. The navigation must be user-friendly, and it should help visitors find what they seek. You can enlist professional CBD website design services to assist you in creating a website in sync with the latest trends.
However, while you are designing a website for your CBD brand, here are a few mistakes that you must avoid if you want your business to stand out.

Forgetting To Include Quality Assurance

The CBD user base is becoming cautious with their purchasing decisions, so CBD brands need to include quality assurance to inspire customer confidence. Therefore, the CBD products descriptions must be clear and there shouldn’t be any misleading information regarding the results and testing. Also, the website design must outline the pain points of the CBD customer profile, along with the buyer persona.
If you are being upfront and transparency, you will miss out on your customers who know how to shop for CBD.
So, how can you enhance customer confidence in your brand? You can incorporate the details of the COA test results, compliance with ISO 17025 standards, mention the exact dosages of CBD content and the other ingredients, etc. Also, you can mention how the cannabis was extracted.

Forgetting To Include Quality Assurance

The Use of Stock Photos

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, you must avoid using stock photos as they don’t represent your brand. You need to use high-quality images of your products to increase engagement and grab the attention of the visitors.
If you use pictures clicked by a professional, you can use them to boost engagement and drive sales.

Including Homepage Sliders

The homepage slider or the carousel is one of the most interesting website development mistakes. You must avoid this at all costs. It is a design flaw that you need to rectify. You cannot design carousels with multiple H1 headings and low-quality content. It will hurt your website ranking.

Slow Page Loading Speed

If the website pages load slowly, it will impact user experience and they will not enjoy their time visiting your website. They might abandon your website and go to your competitor’s website. So, you must ensure your website loads quickly because the patience level of your audience is typically less than three seconds. Also, search engines don’t give slow loading websites a good ranking position. So, when you are availing hemp website design services, ensure the website loads speedily and your audience doesn’t have to wait.
The website page speed impacts the domain authority and ranking on the SERPs. The website speed can be improved by avoiding the use of mega-sized, full-bleed images.

Slow Page Loading Speed

Forgetting to Include a Review Section

In the CBD world, transparency is key to winning customer loyalty and trust. You need to include a review section on your CBD website, even if it means receiving negative reviews. Also, you must address those reviews to show your customers you care about their opinions and views. By doing so, you’ll be enhancing the transparency of your products and services. It can even help in word-of-mouth advertising.

Not Optimized for Mobile

It is important your website is designed for mobile user because people nowadays are using their smartphones to browse the Internet. The mobile version of your website will help determine indexing and the ranking position. Since Google’s algorithm is becoming more and more sophisticated, it is crucial that you adhere to the changes and design a website according to the latest trends.
It is important to have a responsive website design that will be viewed across all devices and screen sizes. A responsive website is easier to maintain because you don’t need a desktop and mobile version of the same website. Furthermore, responsive websites ensure that users can start their journey from the desktop and continue being associated with the brand even when they are roaming around or outside of their homes. With a few taps and clicks, they can connect with your brand. All your products are at their fingertips, and they can purchase what they need.
So, when you avail CBD website design services, you must talk to the professionals and make sure the flaws mentioned above are not included in your website design. Your website must be simple and intuitive. It should be user-friendly and not give visitors a hard time finding what they need. These mistakes will help you in creating a website that attracts customers.



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