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If you have an ecommerce site, you know that conversions are the main key for survival. First, you need to build the traffic to your store. Next, you need to convert the traffic into leads and sales.

After all, the traffic is extremely important, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Without conversions, your store won’t survive, no matter how many people are visiting.

This is when the right content marketing strategy can actually help you. Content marketing increases your conversion rate by six times.


Now, the average conversion rate with content marketing is 2.9%, compared to only 0.5% for sites not using it.

Why Does Content Marketing Improve Conversion?

Proper content planning and publishing help you in several ways. Content allows you to connect with your potential customers. Customers crave connections and want to feel engaged.

If you do a good job connecting, it will increase engagement and brand loyalty, which will increase sales and boost conversions.

Quick Look At Content Marketing

It is a strategy of producing and publishing information that builds trust and authority among your potential customers.

It is a way to build relationships and community, so people feel loyal to you as well as your brand.

Content marketing strategy is actually a strategy for becoming recognized as a thought leader in your industry.

It is a way to drive sales without traditional hard-sell tactics.

However, if you are not dealing with content planning in digital marketing yet, read through to know what and how you should do it.


Start by picking one type of content

Don’t waste time, energy and money trying to tackle all types of content across all platforms. The quickest way to get started is by starting with one. Yes, One kind of content and one platform.

Which one’s best usually depends on your service, product and niche market. However, if you are at a loss, begin with email content.

Did you know 74% of the most successful B2C marketers are using email as their primary way of content distribution?

But why?

Well, this is mainly because it works!

Email marketing provides the highest return on investment. Want to narrow down your focus more?

Automated mails do really better than manuals. Also, automated emails, promotion mails, even mails are the common types of email content marketing.

Build service or product guides for customers

Choosing how to create planning content guides becomes essential. Also, choosing how to share the content is again your decision. The other will be deciding what to share.

An easy way to start is by building guides for your customers. If you offer products, ensure you provide resources on how to use, assemble and fix the products. Offer in-depth details about what services you offer.

It can even help move the customers through the purchasing funnel to the ready to buy phase.

When you use these guides, ensure you place these to educate customers. Don’t use these to sell your product.

Guides can be used to show the audience that you care about educating them and helping them make the right decision.

Don’t forget to include visuals. Consumers want to see how things work and what they look like.


Offer information such as FAQ sheets

The FAQ is something that most customers look out for when they visit a website. Ensure your product or service too has a distinct FAQ section. Noticed the size chart on a garment website? Isn’t that helpful?

FAQs are a great way to have a handy resource for commonly asked questions. Do your customers call or comment on the same questions? Create a resource so they can find the answers, easily. Don’t forget to maintain a proper content planning template.

Include case studies to demonstrate product or service

Unlike case studies, research studies and white papers provide information about wide topics. For instance, a case study might cover how your product has helped customers.

A research study shows how that type of product helps customers. Now, you need to know that research studies are not company-specific, at all.

The best thing about high-quality and well-researched content is that they tend to be re-shared, references and even linked to.

If you can build a reputation as a resource center for your niche, you will gain tons of backlinks from other sites referencing your content.

Now, that was for all big and small businesses. But do you own vape business? The right content planning in digital marketing matters a lot for your vape business.

If yes, there are some amazing tips you must follow. In fact, companies offering vape content marketing services keep these tips handy.

Amazing Tips for Vape Content Marketing

  • Take the content as data- volume is not that important for vape content marketing. It is not how much blogs are written, how much time is spent, etc.

All you need is to focus on the quality of the content. Check how the content is helping visitors or if it helps to hook your clients or not.


A good content marketing strategy depends on the engaging capacity of the vape content.

  • Planning is the key-ask yourself what are you posting and when you are posting. Ensure you know who you are targeting as well.

Answer to these questions will surely help you find who your target audience is.

Also, you must follow a content calendar. This will help you get the information about holidays and other important dates that you can use to promote your vape products.