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If you’re a cannabis business owner or CBD Marketing agency, you must know what importance core marketing strategies hold for businesses. Running a cannabis business calls for building a strong reputation and promote it over various internet platforms.

When you decide to implement core marketing strategies you must first exploit the curiosity among individuals. The appetite for information particularly on matters that they are half-knowledge about.

But if the contents are too complex or lengthy the chance of them absorbing the same will be less since in today’s world there is very little or no time to spare. Here we need to confer info in an easy-to-digest way that is also visually appealing.

However, here we have outlined a couple of core marketing strategies to follow. These will help you drive traffic to your website and will help to rife in the growing CBD industry.


According to a market survey, the global value for the CBD marketplace will grow to above $1.2 billion by 2024, up from 2019’s estimate of $311 million- this means that your competition is just going to multiply.


Visual representation in today’s day and age is the most sought-after way to present the maximum pieces of information and insights utilizing the minimum package possible. This is a great way to serve data that would be of immense help to the users.

For cannabis, you could reveal the benefits of utilizing the substance and burst the bubble of myths surrounding marijuana. The facts conferred in an infographic should also be crisp, to-the-point, and interesting so that they are shared more and more on social media platforms and drive a lot of traffic.


Videos are a very effective way to enhance traffic. Most CBD marketing agencies leverage this marketing strategy the most.

Posting videos help show people how to utilize CBD products, How to employ the CBD that is to be used for medicinal or recreational purposes. It demands less time and effort to create compelling videos and it is seen that they are pretty well received.

Videos with in-depth and rich information manage to go viral and are also listed higher on Google SERPs and this works to be a pretty fruitful thing for CBD businesses.

Guest Posting

Videos and infographics only work when they are seen by most people. The internet is a place that is flooding with content videos and infographics of all kinds. There are some great contents out there and simultaneously contents that are lame and of inferior quality.

The internet here might appear cruel to you as your great video infographic may not get the traction and like whereas some lame content may go all viral. Here, the CBD companies will have to devote time and funds to create their strong presence by other means.

Guest posting is one the most prevalent of these. This is where you get to post your content on a different person’s blog. This helps in providing a lot of publicity and the owner of the blog on the other hand gets compelling content for their site.


There’s a thing called Authorship in google which enables you to claim ownership of published contents and grants you to link it to your Google profile.

The SERP outcomes will present a link to your Google+ profile and picture-making interested individuals to can see what else you have to offer.


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